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Are you looking for a creative way to greet your daughter on the day of her birthday? Then dedicate heartfelt words and messages where you express all your immense love and wish her to have the best in her life. That message can come along with the gift you buy or you can also post it on her Facebook wall, Twitter, MySpace, etc.
Then we present two examples of nice messages to your daughter on the day of her birthday. Make your daughter feel great excitement as this detail is something she will surprise her a lot.
Model 1 of a letter for my daughter’s birthday:
From: Miriam
To: Carolina
Dear Carolina:
You are my worship, my daughter, on this day you are meeting another year of life, and I want to greet you through this post for one more year.
When I found out I was expecting you, my happiness was immense, but when you get to the world my happiness was endless. You’re a very pretty girl, who has a very kind heart, I love you so much. Every time you go out I ask the Lord to take care of you and to bring you back home in good health. As time goes on I see you more beautiful and you become more loving, but for me, you will always going to be my little girl. You are the reason why I feel completely happy, you give meaning to my existence because I love you and you are my reason for being.
I wish you much happiness in this wonderful day that makes me remember that moment when I put my arms around you for the first time. You are a great daughter and for you I’m willing to give even my own life. I hope you can realize all your longings, that God always bless you and may enlighten every day, your life is full of many successes. Many congratulations on your birthday!
I Love you,
Your mom
Model 2 of a letter for my daughter’s birthday:
From: Rosario
To: Pamela
My beloved Pamela:
I am sending you this message because I wish you all the best on this day you’re celebrating your birthday. Our work schedules intersect and we can not get to see each other very often as in the old days, but I want you to know that you are the most important of my life, my beloved daughter. Every time memories from your birth come to my mind, I can not hold back the tears with so much emotion because it was one of the happiest days of my life.
Everything changed from that moment and you took a unique place in my heart. In the years of your childhood and adolescence you have grown very fast. I have been with you to celebrate your triumphs and help you stand up in your falls; remember that I’m going to be by your side every time you need it. You have a long way to go yet and I know many joys wait for you.
The years fly by, and on this day you are fulfilling another year of life so I want to wish you all the best my dear. I feel a great happiness to be your mom and I’m very proud of you. Have a nice name day and I wish all your dreams can come true. Happy Birthday!
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