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The involvement of parents in the upbringing of their children is an irreplaceable experience, because it is he, who makes us obey clear rules; who is always willing to be strong when we need to change our mentality into something positive.

We will always have in us, all the things our parents leave us, the lessons of love and memories impregnated in our mind. Throughout our life we learn a lot from him and eventually all those advices end up shaping us as people prepared for the world. For this and many other reasons, to celebrate the birthday of our father is an event that can not go unnoticed. It’s exciting when the children are the ones who dedicate time and effort in order to make dad’s birthday an unforgettable day for him.

Let us always keep in mind that as our parents, no one will be happier to share family time, with all the children gathered. To remember good times, when we were all younger, will always be a good scenario for a birthday celebration.

If your dad is about to have a birthday and you want to greet him in a special way, this time we bring you a sample list of birthday’s texts for him. Seize his day and send him a text that will bring out a smile in him. Whichever way you choose to dedicate these words to him, you will see that it will be enough to make of it, a really happy day.

Free examples of birthday texts for my father:

– “Dad, I will never cease to be grateful for everything you have taught me in life, now you get to enjoy a great day like today. I hope that you have a really good time, in company of all of us, who love you so much. Happy birthday.”
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– “Every year we go through the best day, your birthday, in which we all can get together and share all our memories and live as if it were yesterday. I send you a big hug from a far, but prepare yourself to receive one live. We will enjoy of this great day together”
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– “I think about how good you were as a father during my childhood and teenage years, I never felt like if I lacked of something from you, you have always given your time and effort to see us happy and corrected us when necessary. You are a dad without comparison, I love you very much. You deserve to have an unforgettable birthday.”
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– “I could not wish you to spend a better day, you are a person that remains being special for the whole family, the key piece, the reason why we are now a family that enjoys time together, where love flows in the same way that you showed from the day we were born. You are huge old man; I wish you a day that you can hardly forget. Happy Birthday.”
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– “I will forever be grateful for that you have been able to be by my side when I needed you to, from the first time that I needed it. You have left in my life an indelible mark of love and values that I assure you I will never lose; you deserve so much, I love you and send you a big birthday hug.”
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– “All my life you have shown me that I can fully trust you, you have never let me down and that is what I value the most of you, you are a man of your word and now I give you my word that you will have a spectacular day.”
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– “Remembering how much I love you is to remember all those good times that we have had thanks to you. Thank you so much for having been and continuing to be the great dad you have always showed to be. Happy Birthday Dad.”
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– “Life has showed me that without your teachings and wise advices, I could not have taken the steps that I took nor getting as far. All I owe it to you and now you deserve to have the best birthday you have had so far.”
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– “You have never stopped being a role model for the family, you sow values, cultivated love and now you reap good fruits, the happiness of sharing with those who love you most such a special day for everyone, as it is your birthday.”
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– “You have left me too many life lessons and even now you keep sharing your experience with us. I thank you very much for teaching us so much about life, certainly the admiration that I have for you grows day by day. I hope you have one of the best birthdays.”
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– “Knowing that I am part of you and that you have always been by our side when we have needed you reflects the love you have for us, and I do wish to remind you of how much I love you. You are a great person and you will always have my admiration. Happy Birthday.”
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We hope you will be encouraged to share these birthday’s texts with your father. We are sure that he will be happy to receive these texts from the bottom of your heart.

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