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Christmas quotes

share Christmas quotes
We want to give you the best Christmas phrases to greet your friends in this Christmas Eve, and thus make life more pleasant and enjoyable.
We hope that with these beautiful Christmas messages, you can share in this celebration your most beautiful memories and feelings towards the people you love.
We leave below very cute Christmas texts to send to your family and friends in this Christmas party that is about to arrive.

Send cute Christmas messages:

:: “We sincerely send you the most sincere wishes of peace and prosperity for this Christmas that is already approaching. Merry Christmas”.
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:: “With all my affection I send you a greeting for the Christmas holidays so that this time of peace and happiness will last in your heart and in your home. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas quotes
:: “Receive a hug and a deep kiss for Christmas Eve, may all your wishes come true and bring happiness and joy to your life. Happy Holidays”.
Category: Christmas quotes
:: “The best thing in Christmas is to have the whole family together, sharing love and peace. Congratulations to all of you this Christmas”.
Category: Christmas quotes
:: “Life gives us everything, it depends on each one to take what is good and use it for our own good and that of others. Merry Christmas for everyone”.
Category: Christmas quotes
:: “This Christmas I want to dedicate you beautiful Christmas phrases as you are the one who loves me and protects me. Merry Christmas darling”.
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New beautiful Christmas wishes:

:: “Love is knowing how to give and share with those who need it most, so many beautiful words that express true feelings. Have a nice Christmas”.
Category: Christmas wishes
:: “Children always talk to me about Santa Claus because Christmas arrives, so today I send you this message wishing you to fill them with beautiful gifts and lots of love”.
Category: Christmas wishes
:: “On this Christmas Eve I send you loving Christmas texts to share with your family, receive my wishes for peace and prosperity. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas wishes
:: “ I chose this message for you, so that you always carry it in your life, never despair, if something is for you sooner or later it will arrive. Happy Christmas”.
Category: Christmas wishes
:: “The whole world smiles to receive the Child Jesus with joy. May we all praise him with beautiful psalms. Merry Christmas for everyone”.
Category: Christmas wishes
:: “I look at the sky with my hands up, thanking God for this new rebirth of Jesus. Thank you for this precious Christmas full of blessings and prosperity”.
Category: Christmas wishes
:: “Many of the things we say sometimes hurt, May this Christmas time be the opportunity to ask for forgiveness and start with joy next to the birth of the Child God”.
Category: Christmas wishes
We end these beautiful Christmas phrases to share with the most esteemed. We hope that Christmas Eve will please many and enjoy sharing cute Christmas phrases with the idea of joining this precious day.

The best Christmas quotes

There is no doubt that Christmas shines in homes, it is a celebration that everyone, whatever the condition, they live happily, for that reason, today we give you beautiful Christmas messages to dedicate to family and friends.
We leave the most beautiful Christmas messages to send to those you most love, thinking about all the times shared in the span of your life.
How can you make someone you don’t see often feel good? The answer is in this article, sending the most beautiful Christmas texts for friends and family.

Download new Christmas phrases:

:: “You can have the best of luck, but the love of God is essential in your life. May this Christmas Eve fill you with blessings. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas messages
:: “When I was a child I saw an immense Christmas tree, today the tree looks small next to me because I grew up and I can say that all Christmas have been very beautiful. Let’s spend a Christmas in union and family love”.
Category: Christmas messages
:: “May this Christmas Eve be full of beautiful memories next to the people you most love. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas messages
:: “My most affectionate greeting to you and all your beautiful family. May the Infant Jesus pour out his blessings. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas messages
:: “You ask me now for that love that we always had and that you believe finished, I tell you that this love is the one that is reborn today with the arrival of Jesus in our hearts. I love you, Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas messages
:: “I used to sing and play near the tree, but time goes by and there is always someone who tells us how big we are, we know that time will go away, but in us will remain that filial love that will never die. Merry Christmas”.
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Very nice Christmas SMS:

:: “ You do not know how I felt the day I kissed your cheek and left. Now I miss you a lot, like all December 25, I do not know why, but that’s what my heart feels like. Merry Christmas, wherever you are”.
Category: Christmas phrases
:: “I cried a lot for you when I knew you would not come back, I hope you remember me this Christmas when you receive this greeting. Receive my sincere wishes for well-being, peace and love. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas phrases
:: “It is true that I cannot forget that you have been my love, do not forget to remind me, as we used to talk, in my heart I have many beautiful memories that this Christmas I will feel again. Congratulations”.
Category: Christmas phrases
:: “I will try to meditate on this Christmas Eve to send you from the bottom of my heart the best vibes and desires of prosperity. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas phrases
:: “May Christmas bring you the most beautiful moments next to your beautiful family and your friends that today we come to see you after so long. Merry Christmas”.
Category: Christmas phrases
:: “On this Christmas Eve we will all run together to accompany the Child God in his birth, see him be born, open his little eyes and send us his light and his love. Merry Christmas for everyone”.
Category: Christmas phrases
We finish this wonderful article with the most beautiful Christmas expressions to dedicate to family and friends on this Christmas Eve that is coming. In the same way, we hope that all the splendid Christmas messages that we offer you today, are well received by all your friends and family.

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