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Some tips and advices to chat and conquer

To conquer a boy or a girl, the most important thing is to look nice and interesting person; otherwise they will not want to know anything about us. If we manage to be interesting and fun everything else will be easier.
So, if we want to conquer the girl or boy who takes our dreams away and we have an appointment with this person, it is important that our conversation is as enjoyable as possible. Therefore, in the following paragraphs we will leave some tips to chat and conquer.
If you have not yet asked her out and you just chat with her by phone, msn or face book, these tips will also be helpful.
First of all you should know that the attraction of external beauty does not last long, to conquer somebody and win her heart is not enough to be beautiful, and you must be an interesting and charming person. For both boys and girls is very important to act naturally.
All people find it nice to know someone spontaneous and relaxed. So when you talk to the girl or guy you like you should do it naturally and safely. Do not think too much what to say, or do not even try to keep a mental script of what things to say and what not.
Now, to be natural you must be yourself. For that reason, do not try to be someone you’re not or copy another person, because the person you like could fall in love with someone who does not exist and when it is discovered who you really are, the disappointment will be bigger.
If you are having your first date with her or him, then be prepared to talk face to face; do not forget to make eye contact. In love, everything goes, every single thing get in through the eyes so you should not be afraid to watch. If you look in the eyes you will show confidence. But beware of looking at it very intently, because you could intimidate her, so try to smile.
If you are a boy, remember that all women love the positive men, with confidence in themselves and very confident in what they want. To demonstrate confidence must not only think you’re funny or interesting to the girls, you should be.
When we have the chance to chat with someone we love or like, we should not rush when we ask questions or drop hints. This advice goes for men and women. Remember that everything must be in time, if you want to look more interesting.
When talking, it is important to have a sense of humor, make jokes and laugh at his or her jokes. But not mock, disrespect or appear rude.
Keep in mind that if you manage to smile at the person you like, it is actually a fact that you want to spend more time and besides that you will be able to establish a relationship of confidence and soon you will be able to chat about anything.
When you talk to the prettiest girl, try not to talk all the time about yourself, because the best way to conquer a woman is actually learning to listen and show interest in everything she says. If it is your turn to talk about yourself, you must do it without fanfare, do not flatter yourself because it is unpleasant for anyone.
When it happens to be your turn to ask questions, try to make them a little interesting and please do not ever make intimate questions.
Finally, remember that when you talk to a girl you really want to impress; you should not speak profanity or vulgarity. You must not talk the same way as you do with your friends, every woman deserves special treatment.

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