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We can say that the ways to show love to our partner are endless, but none is as effective as sharing beautiful romantic words with your girlfriend.

The cute romantic messages to dedicate to your girlfriend are quite practical because you can send them to them at any time and through social networks or text messages.

Strengthen the relationship that unites you with your girlfriend and make her fall much more in love with you by sending precious love texts; you can use any of the ones that you will find below.

Best ‘I love you’ messages for Him & Her

:: “You are very tender, your heart is full of peace and love, that’s why I adore you and I just want to stay by your side forever. You are my princess.”

:: “The past has been left behind, with you by my side I am looking at new horizons because a beautiful future awaits us and for you I would give my whole life. I love you!”

:: “The magic of your love holds me captive, but it is the most beautiful and tender thing that has ever happened to me, that’s why I fall more in love with you.”

:: “In good and bad times we are always together and we will be because all of them give us the opportunity to share and strengthen our love.”

:: “You are my ideal company, my better half, the woman of my life, for that reason and for many more I love you so much.”Download sweet I miss you quotes for Whatsapp

Download love pictures & messages to send by Whatsapp

:: “I looked for you everywhere and I did not find you, but you arrived at the precise moment as if our meeting was predestined. I love you madly!”
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:: “Every time you tell me how much you love me I can see your eyes tremble with a beautiful shine that shows me the nobility of the feelings that you carry in your heart.”
Category : Whatsapp love messages

:: “I always remember that special day in which our lips came together in a first kiss because our hearts discovered true love. I love you more than ever!”
Category : Whatsapp love messages

:: “I assure that dreams can come true, I know it because it happened to me: the perfect woman came into my life and that’s you.”
Category : Whatsapp love messages

:: “I begin to see you everywhere and I think it is my heart that yearns for your company at every moment. I’m crazy in love with you!”
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Deep love quotes to express how you really feel

:: “I have an enormous desire to take you in my arms and feel you so close to me that I can hear your heartbeat. I miss you very much!”
Category : Tender love messages

:: “Every time I am by your side I feel more alive than ever and even more when you tell me that you love me very much. I send you a big kiss darling. ”
Category : Tender love messages

:: “I want to be with you today, tomorrow and the rest of my life, even for eternity if possible, because you are the love of my life and the most incredible of all women.”
Category : Tender love messages

:: “There are two beautiful stars that light my life day and night and they are not the sun and the moon, they are your two beautiful eyes.”
Category : Tender love messages

:: “Every time you feel that sadness wants to enter your heart, read these words and you will know that I love you, that I am by your side and that I want to see you smile, full of happiness.”
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Romantic phrases that melt hearts

:: “I want to say thank you because with the light of your love sadness and loneliness left my heart to be replaced by happiness. I adore you, honey!”
Category : I love love text messages

:: “Long before our hands touch each other, you managed to reach my heart and awaken a deep love. My pretty princess, you are everything to me! ”
Category : I love love text messages

:: “If you feel that the breeze caresses your face, imagine that it is me who from here am sending you the immense love that I feel for you.”
Category : I love love text messages

:: “I am completely obsessed with your beautiful gaze, I begin to think that it is the window that shows me the beautiful feelings that are in your heart.”
Category : I love love text messages

:: “My heart is deeply in love with you, it goes on screaming your name and asking me for your company at all times and it is not easy to calm it down. I miss you, my life! ”
Category : I love love text messagesRomantic WhatsApp status that saying I love You

Sweet and touching I love you text messages for girlfriend

:: “You are the only person in the whole universe capable of awakening so much love within my heart, I really am amazed with you.”
Category : Deep I love love quotes

:: “With your gaze you have managed to charm my heart and with your smile you have captivated my soul. I love you as I have never done in my life! ”
Category : Deep I love love quotes

:: “I need your kisses, caresses and your beautiful love words and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you, my life!”
Category : Deep I love love quotes

Send wonderful romantic thoughts for your girlfriend, keep her constantly in love with you and at her side a lot of happiness will wait for you. We will see each other again when you want to publish original love verses on the networks.Best text messages to make her fall in love with you

Sweet love text messages
to send by Messenger

The special dates to celebrate as a couple are full of beautiful details, but an ordinary day does not have to be the exception, you can send beautiful love words to your girlfriend.

Imagine that your girl is thinking of you, right now, and suddenly some tender romantic messages appear on her cell phone, she would be incredibly happy.

Wait no more; we will help you write cute romantic texts for your girlfriend at this very moment. Use the following great ideas.

Best romantic WhatsApp messages for boyfriend

:: “I adore you so much that I would love to travel the whole world by your side and share every moment of my life with you.”
Category : Sweet Whatsapp I love you messages

:: “A beautiful future is waiting for us, just close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the great love that fills your heart.”
Category : Sweet Whatsapp I love you messages

:: “You are the most wonderful of all women on the entire planet, you are the muse that awakens the greatest love in my heart.”
Category : Sweet Whatsapp I love you messages

:: “I am still speechless, completely enraptured, contemplating your beauty while my heart is racing madly in love with you.”
Category : Sweet Whatsapp I love you messages

:: “When I saw you, for the first time, the doors of my heart were wide opened because in front of my eyes was the most wonderful woman.”
Category : Sweet Whatsapp I love you messagesSweet & romantic messages for girlfriend for Whatsapp

Download thoughts of love to share by Instagram

:: “I plan to fight for our relationship every day of our existence, that is why I will not stop making you happy or giving you my purest and most sincere love forever.”
Category : I love you Instagram cards

:: “I believe that before we were born we were already predestined to live this love and that destiny joined our paths so that we are happy.”
Category : I love you Instagram cards

:: “In each kiss I give you I lock all my love and in my caresses I try to transmit all the beautiful emotions you awaken in me.”
Category : I love you Instagram cards

:: “Remember, my love, that I love you as you are, I support your dreams, I fight your battles and I embrace your ideals. I adore you!”
Category : I love you Instagram cards

:: “You are exceptional, that’s why I am so in love with you; Just with a smile you take me to heaven and with your sweet kisses I feel like flying. ”
Category : I love you Instagram cards

Thank you for giving me your love Whatsapp messages

:: “Life has rewarded me by allowing me to meet you and I have to thank you for giving me the privilege of taking care of your wonderful heart.”
Category : Romantic cards & quotes

:: “I want to have the happiness of sharing until the last day of my existence with you and if possible I would love you for all eternity.”
Category : Romantic cards & quotes

:: “When our lips meet, it is our hearts that touch each other and begin a romantic dance, it is the celebration of our love.”
Category : Romantic cards & quotes

:: “I have thousands of reasons to be madly in love with you and as time goes by they become even more.”
Category : Romantic cards & quotes

:: “I tried so hard to earn a place in your heart and now that I have achieved it let me tell you that I will continue to fall in love and make you happy because I really love you.”
Category : Romantic cards & quotesFree download love cards with romantic quotes for Whatsapp

Most romantic quotes & cute ways to say ‘I Love You’

:: “Every moment that I have the happiness to share with you becomes extremely special, it is a celebration of the great love that unites us.”
Category : Romantic messages for mobile

:: “My heart was failing until you appeared in my life and then it stopped to beat again with more force than ever. You are the love of my life!”
Category : Romantic messages for mobile

:: “The love we feel for each other is immense and I don’t want it to stop growing, I wish it could last for all eternity.”
Category : Romantic messages for mobile

:: “I see in your eyes the future I dreamed of and your smile gives me the strength I need to make everything I have promised you come true.”
Category : Romantic messages for mobile

:: “Every sunrise is a pleasure to wake up knowing that you are by my side and having your love is everything for me. I love you a lot!”
Category : Romantic messages for mobile

Find best sweet & romantic text messages with images for girlfriend

:: “Time is showing us that there are no two of us as our love and that being together is a gift that life gives us. I adore you.”
Category : Romantic messages for Messenger

:: “My love is all yours, like every thought and every beat of my heart. My princess, I adore you, never doubt it! ”
Category : Romantic messages for Messenger

:: “The light of your love vanished the darkness that was in my heart and I feel that having earned your love is the best thing that has happened to me.”
Category : Romantic messages for Messenger

:: “This flame of love is wonderful, don’t ask me how, but I know that you are the woman I always wanted for myself. ”
Category : Romantic messages for Messenger

:: “I was looking for you everywhere without being able to find you until you came into my life and I felt hope again. I love you darling!”
Category : Romantic messages for Messenger

With some original love phrases for your girlfriend you will make her feelings for you become stronger than ever, so do not miss any moment to publish new love verses on your social networks. Here you will find many new phrases.Thank you for sharing your love with me text messages

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