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A relationship that has reached its end brings harsh consequences for the former couple, it often causes severe depression in which a person feels that the world is meaningless unless they’re next to their loved one, they can become so obsessed they cannot stop thinking about the other person and they’re full of fear and distrust as to start another relationship again.
If this is your case or one of your friends case, you can use one of these phrases we give you below to send it via text message and you will see that you will help him recover and change their attitude towards life. Remember that the most important thing is to raise the optimism and encouragement to live.
Excellent free phrases for a defeat in love:
:: “It’s hard to be defeated in love, it’s so many things you must be feeling you should be feeling a little confused, but remember that things don’t happen without a reason, there is a strong reason behind everything and you must have a lot of strength to get up and move forward and then you’ll be able to remember this moment without pain”.
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:: “I cannot stop thinking about you and what you must be suffering, I could tell you so much about love and breakups for you to recover peace, but I know that you are a person with a lot of strength to leave everything behind and move on. In love you can lose and you can win, so now it’s time for you to replenish and then you’ll see that later you’ll meet someone that meets your expectations and really appreciate your love. Cheer up my friend, be strong. ”
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:: “You know that you have my full support to be able to overcome this disappointment you’ve suffered, I’m sorry if I treat you coldly sometimes but love also have its painful side. It will take time to recover but you’ll see that everything will become vague memories and you won’t feel more pain. That’s love, it brings joy and sorrow, hope and disappointment but life goes on, you know I’m here for anything you need. Come on, it’s time to move on. ”
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:: “It’s not fair that someone as special as you has to go through the bitterness of heartbreak, but remember it is not the end of the world. Be patient and always keep a positive attitude. Someday you’ll meet your prince charming that will make you feel it was worth everything you went through and live unforgettable moments beside him. Bad experiences leave us many lessons and the pain goes after a while. ”
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Dedicate one of these phrases to your friends or family members who are going through a heartbreak, remember that the support of the people closest to them is very important to overcome these difficult times.
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