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Searching for best encouraging wordings for WhatsApp friends ? If you know someone special who you care for very much or someone who you want to express your best feelings, whether it is a friend or a relative, you may not know which are the most ideal words to express what you feel towards them.
Do not let that be an obstacle for you because here we bring you a list that we have prepared with the most appropriate messages for you to send to that special person who you care for so much. Check them out and choose the one you like the most to best motivational wordings

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:: “There may come a time when you think you can no longer do things anymore, but always have in mind that God never gives anyone heavier loads than they can handle, so cheer up and move on”.
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:: “Remember that in life we travel through many paths, some are very hard and difficult but there are always paths full of joy and beautiful surprises that we do not know when they will arrive, so continue life with much encouragement that the best is yet to come”.
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:: “Love is a priceless treasure, I gives you calmness and hope. So take care of it and appreciate it a lot”.
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:: “Life brings many friends which should nurture and strengthen in order to receive one of the greatest gifts that life has, being able to have in an absolute way with the trust and help if your true friends. To me you are a true friend”.
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:: “Don’t give up with the first failure, you should go ahead and fight with all your strength. Like these you can conquer even the highest mountains, no obstacle will be a problem for you”.
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:: “It would be terrible to go through life without the help and friendship that others give us. I am really very lucky to have you as an unconditional friend, thanks for always being by my side at all times, thanks for always being my friend”.
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:: “If you want to find excuses to give up you will find many, but to go ahead and take a fight you need a lot of desire to overcome yourself and a lot of determination”.
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:: “Regardless of the conditions, a child is a huge blessing, being a mother has really changed my life completely so always remember that despite the difficulties of life there is much joy if you take the right decisions. You can always count with me”.
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:: “Never lose the passion for living because not only you need to start your way, but also to go ahead despite the odds, you will see that at the end you will be triumphant”.
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:: “It is not easy to become a happy couple because along the way we face many adversities but thank God I have you in my life and that fills me with great hope and strength to go on. You are very special to me, I love you very much”.
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:: “A smile on your face is not a synonyms of an easy life without difficulties, it is the proof that you have the power to overcome them, to always move forward and look at life with optimism”.
Category :Quotes & words of encourament
Use these encouragement phrases for special people without hesitation. Come back soon for more phrases!get best motivational text messages & pictures for Facebook friends

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