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One of the most special days for anyone is the day they graduate. It is a significant event as in that day students finish their career and obtain the diploma that certifies them as professionals and they celebrate with their loved ones for the goal they have achieved.

If someone you know will graduate soon and you want to express your greetings then dedicate some nice words to them for having achieved this milestone in their life. Up ahead we present a list of the most original congratulations on your graduation phrases.

Post these greetings on Facebook or Twitter or send them by Whatsapp and your friend(s) will be happier with your good wishes.



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– “After having done enough studying, finally came the day of your graduation, I express my cordial greeting and hope that is only the beginning of many achievements.”
Category : Graduation messages

– “You put a lot of effort and dedication to achieve this goal and that is something that we must recognize. Many congratulations on this success in your life. I know that everything will be fine. “
Category : Graduation messages

– “I know you are passionate about your profession and in fact you will get many more achievements, congratulations on having successfully completed your studies and for teaching us that from sacrifice you get good results.”
Category : Graduation messages




– “Tomorrow you will be graduating and I want to tell you that I am very happy, all these years you have worked hard and you will continue to do so to get for more achievements in your life. Congratulations. “
Category : Graduation messages

– “Getting into college was not easy and finishing it successfully your studies was neither, but you managed to finish your professional career and that’s a great achievement, may many more achievements come.”
Category : Graduation messages

– “As complicated as it was, you never turned away from your goal, today the day you most expected came and you just have to enjoy it to the fullest with your loved ones. Happy graduation. “
Category : Graduation messages

– “Today you receive yourself as a professional and start a new phase that will undoubtedly be excellent, for you are bright, intelligent and disciplined. Many congratulations. “
Category : Graduation messages

– “Every day spent studying paid off, thanks for having graduated and valued the sacrifice of your parents. May more achievements come. “
Category : Graduation messages



– “At last you graduate today, finishing college was nothing simple but you did and so I congratulate you for that. A long distance hug and good luck in the new path you are starting”
Category : Graduation messages

– “Today you will fulfill one of your biggest dreams: your graduation. It is a day to remember for the rest of your life as getting your diploma because you will become a professional. This is just one of the many successes that await you. “
Category : Graduation messages

– “All the efforts of the past years are reflected on this day. The title you receive is yours but this great achievement belongs to all of those who you leaned on. Congratulations for this great success. “
Category : Graduation messages



– “You’re my sister and I’m as happy as you on this achievement. You put a lot of effort and receive your professional diploma. Congratulations on being persistent. “
Category : Graduation messages

– “When you are given your diploma you will feel much emotion because it is a big step you’re taking. This is not the end; it is only the beginning of a career filled with many achievements. Congratulations. “
Category : Graduation messages

These congratulations on your graduation phrases are very emotional. The people you dedicate them to will get very happy with your good wishes.

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