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Beautiful sweet phrases
for my daughter

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Looking for sweet love phrases for my daugther ? Finding out that you will be a father or a mother is one of the most exciting news you can receive in your life. Once a couple learns that they are going to become parents, their first concern is whether they will have a daughter or a son.
Some couples prefer a boy first, others want a girl, but no matter what they get, they will experience a great happiness at the birth and seeing the baby grow up.
For sure your daughter is a reason of pride for you, so in this section we bring you some beautiful texts you can use and dedicate to your little girl. Use these texts anytime; you do not necessarily have to wait for a special occasion.

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:: “You are the fruit of my love, the most beautiful gift that God has given me in life. You are my beloved daughter and I love you with all my heart”.
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:: “Life has blessed me with a beautiful daughter who has become my reason to live and succeed in life. Thanks to you I have been able to accomplish so much, just to see you happy”.
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:: “Remember how much I love you dear child, whenever I reproach you, even if I do it firmly, I also do it with love because I want the best for you. I love you so much”.
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:: “Thank you my Lord for blessing me with such a wonderful daughter, she really is my main source of inspiration and my biggest love in this world”.
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:: “Every time I look into your eyes I can see the same look that of your mom. You really are the most wonderful thing that has ever happened in my life and that is why I love you so much, dear daughter”.
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:: “Time goes by so fast I can see how much you grow every day and you become more independent. I want you to know that I love you and I will love you forever and that you can always count on me, you will always be my little girl”.
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:: “I never imagined myself as a Father, but then you came into my life and taught me how to be the best father I could be. I love you so much, my beautiful daughter”.
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:: “Your mother and you are the women of my life, the biggest reason to fight every day to provide you only the best. I love you dear daughter and I want you to be happy every day of your life”.
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Sweet phrases you should say to your daughter Find best I love my daughter text messages

:: “Never forget that I always support you no matter what because I trust you and I know you will make the best decisions. I love you very much and I will miss you every day I do not see you”.
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:: “No matter if I had a difficult day, I only need to get home and see you smile so that all my worries go away and happiness invades my heart. I love you so much my beautiful daughter”.
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:: “You have the best of your mother and me, which is why are you such a wonderful woman. I am very proud of who you are and I know that you will be happy forever”.
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:: “When I knew that would be a father, I felt the greatest joy in the world fill my heart, and now that I see you grow up every day I realize how happy I am with you. Thank you for existing my beloved daughter, thank you for all of your love”.
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These texts can inspire your daughter to go ahead and give the best of her. Do not forget to share it with your loved ones. You can always find texts for every occasion on our website.

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