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Usually when we start a love relationship and we are attracted to another person, text messages are necessary to express our feelings of affection, and we send many SMS expressing the love we have, how we love that person, how we can’ live without them or telling what has happened during our day and sometimes we even send photos. But when the day ends and before we go to sleep, we have the need to send a text message that makes our partner go to sleep thinking about us or just to remind them how much we love them.
Up ahead we offer you a list of SMS that you can use to send to your partner before you go to rest and sleep, always have in mind that sending a message is a nice gesture of love that should be present throughout your relationship, no matter how long you’ve been dating that person, no matter if it is a month or several years, send a loving text message to wishing nice dreams is one of the ways to maintain loving relationships.
Free list of goodnight messages for my love:
:: “Before going to rest and the day is finally over, I want you to know how much I love you and how happy I go to sleep from the moment you came into my life, you are always with me every time, I wish you can also rest as happy as I do, have beautiful dreams, and always have me in your thoughts, I love you so much”.
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:: “Love of my life, today once again I won’t rest in your own company, I know that distance is no impediment for our love. Before you go to rest I want to say how much I love you, our relationship remains intact during all this time we’ve been apart, every day I dream of you, and I wish you don’t sleep until you have read this SMS and that when you read it, it remains in your mind so you have beautiful dreams, may you have beautiful dreams my beautiful and great love”.
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:: “I wish you a beautiful night and that you can dream with my company, we will meet again tomorrow to continue loving each other as we have done so far, I send you a big hug and a big kiss”.
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:: “Dear, before you rest at night, I will send an SMS expressing to my love you so you can have beautiful dreams, and today is no exception, so I want to sleep peacefully and that you have me present your dreams, tomorrow we’ll see each other again and we’ll fill each other with kisses and caresses. I love you immensely, many kisses”.
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:: “Whenever the day comes to an end, I try to imagine that we are together in my dreams for a long time, I wish that tonight you also have me in your dreams, I dedicate this SMS with much love to you, have beautiful dreams and rest, because tomorrow we begin a new day full of love”.
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Choose the phrase you like the most and dedicate it to your partner so you can have a beautiful night before going to sleep.
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