Reasons to work

What’s your reason for Working ? : Many people struggle daily to find or keep their jobs. Some work in offices, factories, workshops, their own businesses or others. While there are hundreds of people who have already chosen their career paths, there are other people who wonder: why work? We can have several reasons for …

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How to keep your job

Many people have difficulties keeping their jobs, it might be because of the crisis, the competitiveness or just because they were not able to keep it because they did not knew how to adapt to their bosses, to the company’s environment or clearly identify themselves to their role inside the company. They key, is to …

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How they evaluate you

Personal interviuw ,the applicants go through a psycho technical evaluation: Nowadays, when evaluating the applicants to cover certain job positions, the companies are not only taking into consideration the formal requirements for the position, but, also, the personality and the working style of each candidate. And to be able to obtain this information, they use …

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Looking for a job in Usa

Where to find job offers for the United States of America? For a legal immigrant, the options for getting a job go from using the Internet to up to the networking, going through the job fairs, search options that allow widening the traditional search on diaries, signs, direct visits to companies, etc. Internet, Work Market, …

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