Last modified 10/09/2023

work-problemsThere are many problems of psychological, emotional and physical character that affect workers in the development of their work, been the directs causes the bosses, co – workers and inadequate work conditions, which can conclude in cases of laboral stress or office sickness, which could even turn out to incapacitate the affected worker.

Who has not suffered problems during his or her laboral life? These issues are inherent to any worker, whichever his or her profession might be, the sex, the age, the professional capacity or even if the sector that corresponds to the employer is private or from the state; which is why we will try to review some of them which, been notorious or important, are always present in the development of your laboral life.

For some, globalization is a problem that must be suffered by those who work in international or transnational companies, but the openness towards markets from all over the world, has incorporated this risk to every local or national company; who, from one moment to the other, see their market contested by foreign companies, putting in risk the job of their employees, leaving aside the professional capacities they might have.

Now, it is very common to see bosses demanding their employees to reduce costs, but maintaining the product’s quality; however, many times this is not possible, because the reduction of costs would mean new optimum alternatives which lead them to more work time and everything for the same salary, which, undoubtedly, generates an environment in which the staff cannot be motivated.

The growth of the population brings a strong pressure on the work market, been every time more difficult, not only to keep your work position, but getting a good work option and, if on top of that, we sum up the economic crisis that is surrounding the world’s economy, the struggle is no longer for living, but for surviving. This situation undoubtedly leaves very emotionally exhausted the worker, because the one who are been directly damaged are the worker’s direct family members, because their economic safety is been risked.

The lack of time organization to be able to combine one’s personal life, work and responsibilities at home, is one of the main problems in work, for which you must prepare yourself adequately, meaning that you have been doing a bad manage of your time, which generates anxiety and discourage to adequately develop your laboral commitments and responsibilities.

The lack of updated knowledge is another factor that generates issues at work, for which you should always try to be updated, to guarantee the answers before any question your boss, co – workers, or yourself might be asking whenever there is a doubt.

The warnings from bosses or direct bosses can generate self esteem issues if they occur in front of co – workers, the possibility of talking with your immediate superior and ask him or her to make any warning or request before an error or lack of commitment to be performed privately, can make a huge difference and contribute to eliminate this problem.

The excessive amount of pressure from bosses to obtain results in the short term generates anxiety profiles and work stress in workers, which is why it is necessary that the worker can be able to apply physical mechanisms (exercises), relaxation therapies to release the adrenaline stored in the body, etc.

There is a problem known as mobbing which consists in the psychological harassment or hounding which is developed by many bosses towards their subordinates, making them feel their power as bosses in the work center all the time, no matter if they are doing their jobs well or poorly, they just exercise this psychological violence. This pressure can also be exercised by co – workers, resulting in laboral stress, which will be caused to the harassed worker.

There are also problems of physical character in work, such as back ache for been sit for too long or for carrying packages that are way above our corporal capacity and, also, sight problems, generated for the intensive usage of the computer. A new problem has also appeared recently, it is known as the carpal tunnel syndrome, and the one suffering it goes through a lot of incapacitating pain.

The solution to problems of psychological character necessarily occurs because the worker does not directly confront his or her harassers or forcers, warning or threatening them to stop exercising that kind of pressure; otherwise they will use the work legislation which protects them.

For solving the physical problems, it is necessary for the company to improve the work conditions, burning new furniture such as desks, caring about their sizes and adequate highs, illumination and ventilation, as well as other accessories so the shine or glow of the computer’s screens does not damage the worker’s vision and that the keyboards and chairs are ergonomic, which will allow reducing the negative effects that affect the worker.

Summing up, having a stable job in these times is considered a blessing; however, the interpersonal relationships between workers, co – workers and bosses can be so poor that the health of the worker can evolve from a normal state to a incapacitated one, not only physically, but also psychologically.

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