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keep-jobsMany people have difficulties keeping their jobs, it might be because of the crisis, the competitiveness or just because they were not able to keep it because they did not knew how to adapt to their bosses, to the company’s environment or clearly identify themselves to their role inside the company. They key, is to follow the recommendations to keep a job, in other words, it is more important having a good attitude that aptitudes, which are the fundamental requirements to keep a job.

When a person is looking for a job, he or she puts all his or her energies on finding it, identifying chances, preparing a curriculum vitae, preparing to give the psycho technical or knowledge tests or the interview, and he or she can only rest after having obtaining it.

But, what really happens is that many people forget that the effort does not end when they have got the job, but that it is when the real effort to keep it begins. Today, the great economic crisis that begun in the United States of America has turned the laboral world in values of unemployment rates that are much higher than the historical rates the developed world’s economies have had, rates that will continue increasing during the following months and, if on top of that, we sum up the laboral competitiveness, we see that the laboral renewing is pretty constant.

For which it is necessary to give some advice that will allow you keeping your job, like the ones we offer you next:

1. You must be informed
The continuous staff movement in a company, must force us to be always informed about which are the reasons for which workers are been fired, which are the incentives they get, which are the most important company’s areas so you can process your change to those areas and if that was not possible, try having informal chats with your direct boss and find out what is expected from you as a worker and under which circumstances you could be fired.
2. Convert yourself in a fundamental worker in your area
Been an efficient and competent worker will allow your immediate boss to consider you valuable for the organization and he or she will make all the efforts to keep you in the payroll. Do you job well.
3. Be your own evaluator
Fully knowing the functions, for which you were hired, as well as the objectives of the area and the company, will allow you comparing your daily laboral activities, allowing you to make an analysis of your productiveness as well as your performance as a worker. You should also get acquainted on which criteria are been used by the company to evaluate the workers.
4. Been proactive, trust your skills and capacities
Talk with your bosses, show interesting towards the future of the company and tell them what could be your contribution with that future, ask your suggestions to improve your job. Give ideas every single time you can, always look for solutions to the problems that might come, in a way in which your bosses and co – workers notice you. Avoid routine.
5. Try to always be capacitated
You must always be prepared and aware of new subjects or be updated in your act field, in a way in which you are always appealing in a laboral sense for your bosses and for the company.  You must develop your personal skills through constant trainings, in a way in which you can use that new knowledge as part of you laboral performance.

6. Try to keep an adequate work environment
You must avoid any kind of discussions or arguments with your co – workers and / or superiors, so you get a quicker laboral integration. All the workers in the company do not have to be your friends necessarily. Try to be conciliator with the problems, which does not mean that when you are right you will stand firmly for your position. Do not get involve in group discussions and always try to be impartial. Avoid negative opinions and / or comments. Share your knowledge, inclusively when helping new employees. A friendly attitude could be the best way of dealing with discussions. Be positive.
7. Be sharp and responsible
Make punctuality and assistance to work, inherent characteristics of your personality, because there is nothing that justifies someone been late or missing a day to his or her workplace. These characteristics are respected by superiors, because they mean commitments towards the company and you job.
8. Take care of your personal life and health
You should always be on a good mood. Avoid stress. Do not move your personal problems to you work center. Try to be happy in your personal life. Foment physical exercise, which will help you fighting against stress.
9. Try to create social networks in your job
Social integration is basic to keep your job, because that will help you improving your image before your bosses and the other superiors in the company.
10. Get to know your boss
Knowing what type of boss you have is fundamental to establish an adequate relationship and in function to that, develop your growth and laboral permanence strategy.

Summing up, all the recommendations could be synthesized in three concepts: emotional intelligence, empathy and the ability to interrelate with other, are key elements to keep a job.

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