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What’s your reason for Working ? :

Many people struggle daily to find or keep their jobs. Some work in offices, factories, workshops, their own businesses or others. While there are hundreds of people who have already chosen their career paths, there are other people who wonder: why work?

We can have several reasons for working. For example, economic stability, professional experience, increases in home expenditures, purchasing power, etc. But, are these the only or the most important reasons for working? Read on and you will find out.

Economic Stability: many people consider this the most important reason for working. There comes a time in life when you must finance your own expenditure for getting comfort or simply to stop being dependant on someone else (parents, family).

Searching for economic stability not only involves becoming independent from your family or parents. It also means learning the true value of what you earn and knowing how to invest it on your future profit.

Professional Experience: most recent university graduates need to find a job with a company that helps them get full performing experience in their careers. Even though many of them have no intention of working for companies, they do so because that way they can get the knowledge they need to later start their own businesses.

Increases in Family Expenditure: nothing is free in today’s world; that is a fact. People today must pay taxes, utilities such as electricity, telephone, water periodically. For that reason, people sometimes need to work or look for a second job, even if they have a constant income. This is more evident for families who have children who need education and parents are responsible for their well being.

Purchasing Power: when they finish studying a career, many people know their own potential to start their own businesses, but the lack of money and the high cost of some materials or tools make it hard for them to develop. Therefore some believe a job will let them save money which they will later invest in their own business.

A Call to Service: the above reasons aside, it can be said that the call to service is an important reason for working. For example, there are volunteer or non-profit organizations. All of them work because they like what they do and consider that earning money will not necessarily satisfy them as much as their jobs do.

As you have read, there are many reasons for working. You decide which are yours.

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