Last modified 10/09/2023

job-lineWhere to find job offers for the United States of America?

For a legal immigrant, the options for getting a job go from using the Internet to up to the networking, going through the job fairs, search options that allow widening the traditional search on diaries, signs, direct visits to companies, etc.

Internet, Work Market, Resume, Cover Letter, Public Libraries.

Even when it is true that every legal immigrant, in order to enter into the United States of America, must have a job, when he or she is unemployed or decides to change to another job, the search is not that hard, because it can be done in many places and in many ways, the hard part is obtaining it, because it is not god for anything finding a job offer if when our presentation letter or cover letter is been read, the employer is not attracted to see our resume or curriculum, and it would be worthless to read it does not motivate him or her to call the applier for a personal interview.

One of the ways of looking for a job is using the Internet, where thousands of lists of portals have appeared and its contents are qualified and non qualified job positions, some are so developed that, inclusively, are by professions, which makes the search much easier.

In some cases, there are private and government web sites which are pretty serious and contain information of job positions in a national level and are in English.

Some web sites can be found in Spanish and they contain information of jobs by sectors and States:

There are some web pages that allow us accessing to a range of web sites that contain job offers:
Contents Workpermit, Findlaw,, Fedworld etc.

Contains a series of links to job markets and how to be prepared to look for a job, which has been selected by the employees of the libraries of many cities, among them New York, Brooklyn and Queens.

Another way is doing networking, meaning having a net of contacts that not only allow you getting to know job offers, but, also, make it possible for you to get interviews and, potentially, obtaining a job.

Another way of finding a job is identifying which cities register the lowest unemployment rate and, among them, there are always small cities such as Sioux Falls, Idaho hall, Rapid City, among others.

Also, an important option to find a job is the Job Fair, which takes place in the United States of America, where companies participate offering job positions. These fairs are organized by private companies which, many times, demand the participation, subscribing online in the web sites, other times, they demand curriculums before the fair opens to be able to select who they will interview. This mechanism started due to the increase in the unemployment rate, which has multiplied all over the country, because it allows the Americans and the resident immigrants to go to it in a direct way with the potential employer.

Other ways of looking for a job is the traditional job ad search in newspapers, visiting human resources offices in the companies to see if they require staff, also, it can be found in ads in a supermarket.

Summing up, after finding the job one is looking for using any of the different options, it is necessary to have a properly prepared presentation letter, resume or curriculum, to contribute to the possibility of the employer calling us.

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