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depressed friendWhat is the best text message you can send to a depressed person to cheer them up?

Looking for messages to people with depression, from their friends ? There are always moments when we have to go through rough times. The bad days are normal in life, it’s important to know that we must face them with our best and keep walking.
We all grieve to see our friends in a state of depression, but there is a very tender way of encouraging them to move on. Sending them text messages is always effective.
Send that friend of yours a text message, through your cellphone or online, and you’ll see how her sadness leaves her faster. Here we have listed nice texts to send a loved one living with depression.

Things to write in a card to cheer someone upBest messages to send to someone who’s depressed

– My dearest friend, remember that God is always giving us tests so we learn to be more tolerant and persistent in our daily lives. This bad time will pass and you’ll be the same as ever. I love you, be strong.
Category :Messages for a depressed friend
– You should not worry, because destiny gives us many tests and they make us much better. This too shall pass. You can count on me for whatever you want, whenever you need me.
Category :Messages for a depressed friend
– I know these are difficult times for you, but you will get over it. You’ve always been a strong person and today, more than anything, I know that this has been put on your way for a reason. Cheer up, life was made for us to be happy and not regretting anything.
Category :Messages for a depressed friend
– Dear friend, you know you have my wholehearted support for whatever you might need. I love you like a sister and I never want to see you suffer. I love you.
Category :Messages for a depressed friend
– Do not get depressed darling, because life has given us good things for each one of us. Besides, the look in your eyes and your smile are more valuable than gold itself. I love you a lot, dear friend of mine.
Category :Messages for a depressed friend

Best cheer up messages for my love What is the best text message you can send to a depressed person to cheer them up?

– I don’t want to see you suffering because you’re my best friend, and all I can do is sit next to you and give you my friendship, and as long as this takes, I will mourn with you. I love you, my friend.
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– Do not be sad, dear friend. You know that everything has a reason. Sooner than you think everything will work out and you’ll be the same cheerful person you have always been. You can trust me with anything. You have my unconditional support.
Category :Whatsapp cheer up text messages
– My dearest friend, I want to dedicate a few lines to let you know I will always be by your side. Everything will work out just fine; life is only asking for a little patience, count on me.
Category :Whatsapp cheer up text messages
– The world will not end by this one thing that is making you suffer, please share your smile, because we need a bit of your tenderness to lighten the mood. Without your tender charisma, our world fades. We love you, my dearest.
Category :Whatsapp cheer up text messages
– To you, my greatest friend and soul mate, I ask only to have a bit of calm, things will get better sooner than you think. Do not get depressed, I’ll be always by your side, like a sister who watches over you and loves you.
Category :Whatsapp cheer up text messages
Now you know a nice and friendly message is always welcomed. Your friend, no matter how depressed she might be, will sit to think and you would have managed to get a smile out of her. Send text messages to those friends of yours that are going through difficult times, they are free and do not take much time.

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