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There are times when even our friends seem to screw up. Sometimes they fail us, or we fail them without realizing we have, after they have given us their trust. That faith that our friends put on us is betrayed and it urges us to apologize right away.
But it is also true that we sometimes have a difficult time with words and do not know what to say or how to cast those words of apology that our loved ones are waiting to hear from us. That is why here we leave you a list filled with phrases you can use to apologize to that friend that is disappointed of you. Check the list and take those phrases that inspire you the most.
Free list of phrases for apologizing:
– Dear friend, today I want to apologize because I know that, after what I have done, you could no longer want to trust me. I just say that I am your friend and I will be until the end, please forgive me; you should know that I’ll never betray your trust again.
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– After the long trip we have had together you should know how special you are to me. I am asking this from the bottom of my heart, please forgive my fault, I will never betray your trust again. I love you.
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– Dear friend, it is not easy to say what I have to say on these lines. I want to ask for your forgiveness, because I’ve been a bit mean to you, and you’re my best friend. Please forgive me; I will not betray your trust ever again. I love you a lot and I hope that the light of this beautiful friendship continue to shine.
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– My friend, it was never my intention to betray your trust. You know you’re my partner, the one who always accompanied me during my difficult times, and whom I owe everything. I am asking you to forgive me from hurting you, and I hope that the distance between us does not continue.
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– Thanks to you I have managed to get up, my friend. Please forgive my faults, because it has been me the one who caused a gap between us and I really miss your company. I very much regret having betrayed your trust, I love you deeply.
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– Excuse me for being so wrong-headed at times. I just want to be a really good person, but I do not realize how wrong I can be with my exaggerations. I ask you to trust me again. I will never let you down.
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– You’re my best friend, and always were my angel. I don’t know how I let you down that way, please forgive me. I love you like a sister, this won’t happen again.
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– Dear friend, I will never let you down again. Forgive me, I know you are probably having a bad time because of me. Please forgive me, your friendship is the best thing that ever happened to me and I promise I’ll make it up to you. I love you.
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Apologizing in an act of true friendship; you should not be ashamed of it. The act of apologizing will make you a better person and wiser in your actions. Come back soon to our website, it is constantly updated. Good luck!

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