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Cute phrases for
a deceased friend

What is a good quote for a friend who passed away?.#FriendsDeathAnniversary,#FriendsDeathAnniversaryPhrases
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Throughout our lives we make many new friends and there are some who become part of family, unfortunately also comes a time when we must say goodbye to them because they have departed this life.

The death of a friend leaves us with a taste of sorrow, but that feeling is even worse and more difficult to get over for their families.

The day of the funeral you can say some words to him showing your commitment to your dear friend and the high esteem that you had for him. It also will comfort his family. Here you will read very special dedications for your friend who has departed.

What is a good quote
for a friend who passed away?

:: “We can never forget such a wonderful person; we all know that we should be very happy for all the good times we shared at his side. Good trip our friend; the Lord will rest your soul”
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:: “I appreciate her so much, much like my sister, because she was always aware of me, of all the things. In this sad day, we all want to say goodbye to her and assure that her soul will rest in peace”.
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:: “A great person has left us and although he is no longer with us, we will keep his memory in our hearts. We are comforted to know that from where he is, he will be watching over us”.
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:: “We will remember him because he fought until the end; he was a true warrior who always clung to life. He never gave up, despite the illness he suffered. You left us a great legacy which taught us to persevere no matter the circumstances. Goodbye dear friend”.
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What do you say in tribute
to a friend who passed away?

:: “He was a person who knew how to appreciate every moment of life. We remember him for his optimism and positive energy which radiates through all of us. I know you left Calm because you achieve your mission. Goodbye friend, until that day when we meet again”.
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:: “I take a moment to dedicate a few words to our friend because I am very grateful for the great example they gave us all we showed that despite the adverse circumstances in the difficulties we value, appreciate and enjoy life and if possible happiness. May the peace of the Lord be with you”.
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:: “One of the things we will never forget is the great sympathy he aroused from us. He made us rejoice even in the most difficult times and give us a voice of encouragement which made us able to accomplish everything. Your absence will be difficult to get over, no one will replace you”.
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:: “Regardless of his young age he showed us that he was a very dedicated person who had achieved their goals in life and always had some other in mind. His departure is a great loss. God will save his soul”.
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:: “Sometimes we may think that the departure of a loved one is a great injustice but we are comforted to know that God is next right there watching us and gives us comfort”.
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What do you write on
a friend’s death anniversary?

When the person we love very much leave this world the pain invades our hearts, however as time heals wounds and after a year you feel that the pain for the death has declined.

Typically, family and best friends make a Mass to remember the person who loved much and left this world. In this section you will find a message for a friend after a year of his death.

It would be good for the Mass that have organized, you will take a few of these messages to your best friend to know that even though he or she is no longer on earth with us, will be remembered by his/her loved ones in their hearts.

Phrases for
a friend’s deceased anniversary

:: “I do not know how much we miss you, we miss you so much, we always remember you, you are so special to all of us, so today we pay tribute for you to know that while you are away you carry in our hearts and we pray for you to take care of us from any danger”.

:: “You made us laugh so much, you were a very sociable person, you were always doing good for each of us, helped us in so many things, so if you are not here we will always think of you”.

:: “With you I learned what it means to be a true friend, even if you are not with us since almost a year ago, we love and miss you more than you know, you are my best friend today and always”.

:: “You taught us to make every effort to achieve our dreams, that’s why I miss you so much, though you are at the right hand of God the Father living with full joy”.

:: “You showed me the most beautiful thing in life, thanks to this I value every moment, all the people who knew you will not forget the great person you were, it can pass thousand years and you will be always my best friend”.

death anniversary phrases

:: “I am so happy to have found you throughout my life and especially to have your friendship, you never left me alone in my difficulties and I learned that love is the basis of everything”.

:: “When you left you left a great void in our hearts, because no one will be like you, you are as good as noble, but I know that some time we will be back together again”.

:: “I know where you are watching and caring me, so I want you to know I love you and miss you since a year ago you are no longer with us, we need you so much my dear friend”.

:: “Exactly one year ago you left this world, you are really irreplaceable in this world, we are never going to find a friend like you, but I feel so that I found you in my way and share many things with you”.

:: “No matter if you are now so far from me, because I remember you in everything I do and you are always will be my good friend, rest in peace. “

Dedicate these phrases to a great friend, so you can say goodbye to him and express how grateful you are to have known him.

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