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Are you in love with a boy or a girl and want to tell him or her how you are feeling? Well, many people also want to do so right now. In fact there are many ways to express our love for someone, as hard as it may be to actually do it.

Some people are afraid to say “I love you” because they think that when they do they are subject to the other person’s will. Certainly, it is wonderful to hear somebody telling us “I love you” and there is nothing wrong about it. You might be wondering: if there are so many ways to express our love, which is the easiest and most original one?

Your answer is in this article. Here is a list of text messages about love. Send these SMS to your loved one and he or she will feel all your love.

Free samples of the best romantic love messages :

– “My love for you makes days nicer and makes me live inside a love bubble.”
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– “Your love is what I like the most about you. I promise I will take care of that feeling with my own life if I need to.”
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– “I want to walk holding your hand so I can feel your skin next to mine, and then kiss you with all my love.”
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– “Destiny made us meet. I want to be happy with you. If you feel the same way about me, I promise I will love you every day.”
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– “Sometimes I cannot explain what goes on when I am with you. I only know my heart is happy. I love you.”
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– “They say miracles do not exist, but falling in love with such a beautiful girl as you actually is one. My love for you is an amazing feeling.”
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– “I could bear many things, except losing you. Since you came into my life everything I do is for you.”
Category :Romantic text messages

– “Many things can change in my life except for my love for you. Time may go by but I will remain as in love with you as I was when I first saw you.”
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– “I want you to know my love for you is not the same it was yesterday. I love you more every day.”
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– “Ever since I gave you my heart my life is better. You are the only one who can take care of it and do whatever you want to it.”
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– “Thank you for putting an end to my loneliness and for giving me hope love exists. I love you, beautiful girl.”
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– “All I need to do to feel well is imagine we two are alone in a deserted island enjoying our love. You are in my mind and my heart.”
Category :Romantic text messages

– “Tell me what you want from me, and I will do the impossible to achieve it. I love you.”
Category :Romantic text messages

We hope these love text messages help you express your deepest feelings for your loved one.

Send your originals love phrases and will be published , others friends will thank you.

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