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There are times when we feel sad and raring to cry, or we just want to receive a helping hand that can give us words of encouragement and comfort. In order to forget those bad moments there is nothing better than to talk to someone who understands us, someone who is really concerned about us and we feel we really matter to him/her.

However, not everyone is available at times like those, so we have to express our feelings. How? Why not as your Facebook status? Now that social networks have become so fashionable, it is necessary to emphasize that they were not only made to socialize, among many other things.

You will feel relieved once you publish your emotional status. Try it when you feel sad, and you will notice this relief. Check out the list of statuses we have got for you in case of melancholy.

Free list of melancholy messages:

– I feel so sad today that loneliness has invaded my days. How can a sad feeling be part of such a sensitive being as I am?
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– These are gray days I will have to overcome; I have never expected to feel so bad … what can I do to forget this agony which is causing me so much pain? And all because of a failed love…
Category :melancholy messages

– Life has given me a challenge to meet, and now that I feel free I can say that there is nothing worse than the feeling of oneself as a loser. Today melancholy has invaded my soul and my heart.
Category :melancholy messages

– Why cannot we just leave this world and be happy? Why do we have to endure this cruel fate, this sad reality?
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– Ignore what my face is telling you, because it might be faking a smile and hiding a tear.
Category :melancholy messages

– Behind every shed tear there is a “why” and a person who was able to do much damage.
Category :melancholy messages

– I feel so sad that I do not know how to get out of the abyss in which I am now … why has my fate turned out to be so complicated? Why is it so hard to live for love?
Category :melancholy messages

– I have spent every moment of my life waiting for an answer, an answer that never came. No one deserves to be called a friend if he/she does not know how to be loyal and true.
Category :melancholy messages

– I felt like I was fooled once again, then the sadness came back to me. If I have to get through a wall, I will do it hiding the tears from my eyes.
Category :melancholy messages

– My dear, I feel sad because I do not know where you are. You probably are thinking of me…
Category :melancholy messages

– I told you so many times that I could not get away from you, but now it is time to say goodbye, your love is no longer with me, I hope you are happy and take another course, my love.
Category :melancholy messages

As you can see, it is very nice being able to share our feelings with people because there is always that friend that will put “Like” on your Facebook status, or maybe another who might ask you something or just write you a comment.

In this social network you will always find someone to talk to, and the best of all, you will feel relieved. Post a status using any of our phrases and you will not go unnoticed. Cheer up!

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