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In life, sometimes arrive moments that we are not expecting, moments of disappointment and sadness that we must face with courage, because only like this we can get up and carry on in order to continue searching for our success and personal satisfaction.
Cases like these occur very commonly, as, for example, at the time of a farewell to a Chief, who is appreciated as a person, but working conditions do not allow him to continue with his professional work in that current company.
On this website we leave you the model of a cordial farewell letter so you can send it to your boss and remind him you have a good friendship and you are grateful with him. Take a look.
Dear Mr.…
Before anything, I would like to write to you in order to thank you for everything that you have done for the staff, your commitment and loyalty have managed for the company to become one of the most notable and distinguished within the market, as well as, thanks to you, everyone has been able to respond efficiently…
We have unfortunately suffered some changes and transformations in the company, irreversible changes that we all have seen, these changes have contributed to make a cut of staff, for which we are and will be very grateful for your collaboration and support; due to the enthusiasm and energy with which you served and conducted your work; without any doubt, all the staff members will keep a great learning from your part.
In the same way as the way with which you were able to meet all kinds of inconvenience. We know that you are a person well prepared and determined; reason by which we are sure that success will be waiting for you in any place in which you start a new work.
With nothing else to add, I leave wishing you the best and reminding you that you can count on our support, in this case as good friends, at any time and circumstance.
Many successes,
(Sender’s name)
Writing a farewell letter is something very important for the person who was driving the staff in a company for some time, managing and solving the problems arising. You must always remember that people appreciate that kind of details with great joy, and also cause a positive effect on who receives it. It is not necessary to say many things or to be very long, just make it easy to understand what you want to express.
Letting our chief know how important he was for us during the time he spent in his labor is very important, because we will let him know how essential was his direction and support and how much we appreciated it.
We hope that this letter will help you to express what you feel at that time which, perhaps, will be difficult for him; giving him encouragement and wishing him the best with sincerity for the future. Come back soon for more messages, we are constantly updating the website, posting new tips and free messages for your daily life.
Do not hesitate, rather than a Chief, that one person who teaches you something becomes a really good friend and a special person. Have a nice day!
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