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What do you like the most about your boyfriend? To start a love relationship with a man, everything about him has to like us. He must seem perfect for you; looking to his eyes should be something you find necessary if you’re really falling in love with him.
We would meet thousands of men in our life and many of them will be attractive but there’s only one who can own our heart. Would you like your boyfriend think how wonderful love is? Well, it’s so easy. In this article you’ll find a list of love SMS for boyfriend.
Send these SMS to your boyfriend and make him feel as the most important man in your life.
Free list of Love SMS:
:: “I gave you my heart even though I know there’s no safe place for it. Take it carefully, don’t press it too much and keep it where you can feel it”
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:: “It’s dangerous when people sleep while I’m thinking about you because my love for you is burning and it could fire the whole city”
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:: “When we were friends I looked at you as if you were something out of my reach but now that you’re my boyfriend is like a dream that turned real. If you’re just a fantasy, I want it last all my life, if you really exist, I’ll love you beyond death”
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:: “I’m not shame about the things I do for you, your love for me changed me and I don’t care if it’s good or wrong, the only thing I want is loving you as no one else have done before”
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:: “I need to find a special place to think about you, to write your name in a piece of paper, to put that paper under my pillow and to dream about you every night”
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:: “I want to touch you at any moment, I want to be in your arms day and night, I want to feel you sweet lips on mine, I want to breathe your breath to feel alive, to feel woman, I’m a happy because I’m your girlfriend”
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:: “I wanted to wait until night to talk to you, to tell you how much I love you but my heart seems to be in a hurry when it’s about you. I couldn’t stop it; it ordered my hands to text you this message, sorry but I crazy for you”
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:: “I try to keep busy to avoid thinking in what you’re doing, I realized that my world runs around you and when I listen to you I get lost in a maze of love”
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:: “The satisfaction that I feel when I look at your eyes is the drug I’m addicted since you and I start dating, anyway, I think it’s the best love story”
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We hope you liked these Love SMS for boyfriend. Your boyfriend will enjoy getting these SMS from you.

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