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Some of the things we do when we are falling in love could be easily label as follies of love. When we are falling in love, we feel that only one person exists in this world and everything we do is right if that person is happy.
The world’s history is full of love stories, stories of people who decided to join their lives to reach happiness together. Today, people show their feelings for the person they love is social networks like facebook.
Facebook users around the world post phrases, quotes and thoughts about love every day. Do you want to post a love thought on your friends’ facebook walls?
Here we’ll show you some love thoughts for Facebook. Post these messages on facebook walls and your friends will realize the good and bad things that love has for our lives.
Free list of love phrases:
:: “You have to know him/her to love him/her, don’t set limits, just follow your instinct, be nice and steal him/her a kiss before to say good night”
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:: “Love is like most of the things that are in this world, it has a start and it has and an end, the tears that come out from your eyes will be the best way to heal your love wounds”
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:: “When we really fall in love, we don’t care if he/she has a lot of money, a luxurious car or a big bank account, when we fall in love we feel that he/she is so special and being with him/her is the best in life”
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:: “I love you so much but I notice it isn’t enough, you’re with me when you want and you leave me without saying good-bye. Even though I mean nothing to you, you will always mean something special for me”
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:: “Sometimes I think love is like a tunnel without exit, it seems that we will get out from it easily but suddenly you realize there’s no way to go”
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:: “I strongly believe that love change us in small objects that pass through a pipe full of happiness and sadness that will be part of our memories forever”
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:: “Nobody will be in the middle of the one I love and me; I won’t permit anyone to be against our love, I don’ care if your parents don’t like me, the only thing I want is to keep this love between us”
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:: “I miss to see you dressings elegant for me, surprise me with a nice detail like a rose or a love poem, come to me please, I want to hear you voice and hold your hands”
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:: “I want to forget you, I’ll change of job, house and cell phone, I’ll burn your photos and everything that reminds I loved you, I’ll start again and this time will be different”
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We hope you liked these love thoughts for Facebook. Remember, love is a nice feeling that brings happiness to the ones who accepted.

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