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When somebody says “I love you”, he /she must feel something very special for a person. Saying “I love you” is not a simple phrase. If someone tells you that, he/she is giving you part of his/her heart. Saying “I love you” is a phrase that makes happy to the ones whom tell and get.
A stone heart could turn in a soft heart if you say “I love you”, Saying “I love you” could turn a sad day in a happy day. Couples all over the world send love messages on facebook and now you can do it too. Would you like to send an “I love you” message for someone special in your life?
Well, in this article we’ll show you a list of “I love you” quotes for Facebook. Post these quotes on the facebook wall of the one you love and let him/her know your feelings.
Free List of I Love You Phrases:
:: “My love, I can make the world to rotate in opposite, to rain from the bottom to the top, to make birds fly without wings and many other incredible things just for you, you do hours seem seconds and I can’t stop thinking about you, I love you and I consider you part of me”
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:: “I’m sure this love stated when we see the first time face to face and I can’t waste more time hiding this feeling, my heart told me it’s the right time to let you know that I love you and you’ll be always the love of my life”
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:: “This love is something that I only can feel with you, I’m not confused when I say that you’re the prettiest girl on earth, I look at you and I have the inspiration to write things about love, I love you my princess”
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:: “The day I met you was the most amazing day in my life, I met you in least expected place and now you live inside my heart, nobody won’t take you out from there because I love you so much”
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:: “You’re my universe and I won’t exist without you, you make my soul happy in the present and you give illusion to my future, tell me what you want and I will go to heaven if it’s necessary because I’ll do everything for you, I love you”
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:: “I was confused at the beginning but my heart was always sure, the days pass and I think about you daily, I’m so happy when I see you smiling, when I look at your eyes and when I hear your voice calling me; I do love you”
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:: “I’m the kind of person who thinks love opportunities are only once in life and that’s why I will follow my heart, I’ll write three words that express all I feel for you, I love you”
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We hope these “I love you” quotes for Facebook will help you to express your feelings for the one you’re falling in love.

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