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To declare to a girl, you need to do it with the words from your hearth. Don’t learn a speech or a phrase that you don’t believe. It’s better to be sincere, direct and also romantic for make her harder to say no. If you really are in love with her, words will get out right from your hearth. And if you tell her from your hearth, she will realize.
Before of make this important step, is recommendable that you know her at least a few. You need to know if she feels some attraction for you or if you have any chance. You must to be her friend to know what she likes for make your declaration better. If you don’t know her much try to learn more about her, maybe by her friends or in the social media.
When you are decided, try to encounter with her in a good place when nobody interrupts you or take her to a side to tell her what you feel. Look her at the eyes. This will show that you are sincere, that you want a serious relationship.
Control your emotions. If you start to stutter, it would see bad and the girl could feel nervous and it is not what you want.
Be direct. Don’t repeat the things that you said. And talk about your feelings. Choose the right moment to declare. When both of you being laughing, when the environment feels relaxed, you can start saying things like “you know?” I feel very comfortable with you and I always have fun at your side. You are a very special girl for me and I realize that I like you much and I want to know if I have any chance with you”.
“You are an amazing girl and very cute too. Maybe it surprises you but I think that is time to tell you that I like you. I can’t hide it anymore. I want to know if you feel something for me, if you would like to be with me”.
Maybe she gets muted. In this case you need to ask her again if she feels something for you or needs time to think about it, to take a decision.
Now, if its hard to face her, you also can write a nice letter which expresses all your feelings. This would be nice detail because many girls like love letters and all these kind of details. The only disadvantage of giving her a letter is that the waiting for the answer would kill you slowly.
We hope that these little advices have been to your help and you can choose the best way of telling her how much you like her. We wish you much luck and we hope that you don’t get down if the answer is negative. Remember that the perseverance is the key of success and also the sea is full of fishes.
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