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If you have not had time to buy a nice gift to your Mom this is not a problem because on this date it is about having gestures that translate what you feel for that special person and what better to do it through a nice dedication as a greeting.

If you feel uninspired here in this article you will find the best sweet Mother’s Day messages that you can download and share to that unique and special person.

Surprise your Mother in her day and when you greet her express one of these nice thoughts that we have in this article or if you want you can write it in a note or publicly greet her on social networks like Facebook.

Beautiful greetings for Mom in her day

:: “Your affection will always be the most perfect form of love. Happy Mother’s Day“.

:: “You are beautiful, radiate sweetness and transmit goodness, inside you there is a very deep love for your children. Happy Day, Mom. “

:: “You are able to support everything as long as your family does not lack anything, and the greatest gift I have received is to have a Mother like you. Happy Day”.

:: “Mom, for you I will try to be not only as you want but as you taught me to be in life, honest, fair, respectful and fighter. I wish you a Happy Day. “

:: “Sometimes you are my most severe critic and sometimes my number one fan. It doesn’t matter because I love you very much. Happy Mother’s Day“.

happy Mother's day messages for whatsappHow to say Happy Mother’s Day to your Mother

:: “The greatest satisfaction of my life is to see you smile. May you be happy every day of your beautiful existence. “

:: “I always look for your hug to seal the great love I feel for you. Happy Mother’s Day“.

:: “Mother, I feel that to fly I need to do it with you because it is not yet time to let go of your wings. I wish you from the heart a Happy Day “.

:: “I thank God because I know that I can count on you always. Happy Mother’s Day”.

:: “Happy Mother’s Day, I’m glad you’re with us enjoying the love and the preparations to make you feel flattered and loved by your children”.

Mother's day messages that will inspire youDownload beautiful Mother’s Day quotes and wishes

:: “Mom, with you I always feel protected and understood, I love being your spoiled child. Happy Mother’s Day”.

:: “Mommy, Happy Day, you are splendid, I promise you that I will always be the son that a person as wonderful as you deserve”.

:: “You are very wise, it seems as if you always guess what is going to happen, so I always follow your advice because you give it to me from your heart. Happy Mother’s Day”.

:: “I am proud of having inherited many things from you, you are the woman I most admire in my life. Happy Mother’s Day”.

:: “Following your teachings I have also become a Mother and now I understand how magnificent you are. Happy Day”.

:: “I thank God for honoring me with a great Mom like you. I love you very much and I have for you the best wishes for your day. ”

happy Mother's day wishes for friends and familyWhat to write in a Mother’s Day card

:: “Your presence in our home is indispensable, without you we would feel like a adrift boat. Happy Mother’s Day”.

:: “Only you can bear me when I behave badly and give me comfort me when I’m sad. Thank you for your love and patience. Happy Day”.

:: “Moms are dear and important people, I am happy to be the son of the best woman and Mother of this world”.

:: “No one can substitute your Mother’s love, for that reason I appreciate and value you. Congratulations on your day”.

:: “You are a very special person, loved by our family and acquaintances. I wish for you a beautiful Mother’s Day. “

Best Mother’s Day greetings and sayings

:: “For some you are a homey and hard-working woman, for me you are much more than that. Happy Day”.

:: “On Mother’s Day I wish you an unforgettable celebration and full of happiness”.

:: “I thank you for having brought me to the world and for being the most adorable woman in my life. Happy Mother’s Day”.

:: “For you, my eternal gratitude for all you have done so that I will always see in you a selfless and wonderful Mother. Happy Day”.

We know that the choice is difficult but we assure you that the phrase you choose will be well received by your Mom.

Love letters for Mother’s day

The tribute paid to all Mothers in their special day is very important since they are all women who constantly give their best for their children.

On this Mother’s day you should affectionately greet not only your Mother but also all the other Mothers who are a part of your life. If among your family you have an aunt who you like very much, then dedicate a nice message to her on this Mother’s day.

If there is a lot you say to your aunt in this important day, then write a note to her. In this article we present you with two examples of letters for your aunt on Mother’s day. Use these examples a guide to help you improve your own note to that aunt who you appreciate so much.

how to say happy Mother's day to your Mother
Example 1 of a letter for my aunt on Mother’s day:

From: Eduardo
To: Ana

Dear Aunt Ana:

I am sending you this note since you are one of the most important women in my life, and on this Mother’s day I want to express a warm greeting to you.

Ever since I was small some of my best memories are by your side, every time my mom had to fulfill her job duties you were the one who took care of me and gave me all your love. Years have passed so quickly and I am all a man now, yet you always have given me a special appreciation.

You are like a second Mother to me and you are still always looking after me and everything that happens in my life.

Thanks for encouraging me in the most difficult moments of my life and for being by my side and giving me the support I need. My cousins must be very joyous to have such a wonderful Mother like you, I am very happy to be your nephew.

On this Mother’s day I send you a big hug and wish you all the happiness in the world since you are such a good person.

Many congratulations on this day.

beautiful Mother's day quotes to share with your mom
Example 2 of a letter for my aunt on Mother’s day:

From: Lucero
For. Marta

Dear Aunt Martha:

Beside you I have spent special moments since my childhood and so today I want to thank you and express the great affection I have for you.

Among my best childhood memories there is always you present, it is from you who I have learned to love others and respect their qualities over their flaws. I have always admired you because you are a brave woman and a fighter.

You always gave your best to make your kids and me happy. Now that I have children of my own, I put into practice all the things you taught me, so that my children feel as lucky as I do.

The void left my mom when she died was only filled with all the love you always gave me. I appreciate you like you were my own Mother and I thank you from my heart for everything you did for me.

On this Mother’s Day I want to say that I am very happy to be your niece. I thank God for having such a special aunt as you and I ask him to always take care of you and give you more life to continue enjoying the great love that characterizes you.

Congratulations on this Mother’s day.

Mother's day whatsapp messages for my sister
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