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If your business or company is growing and you find yourself at the need to hire employees, then you have the option of hiring the services of practitioners.
The vast majority of universities and technical or technological institutes ask their students in their final semester to perform pre professional practices to gain experience by putting into practice the knowledge they have acquired during their career.
So a good option you have is to send a presentation letter and request a placement agreement with universities or colleges related to the line of your company and it will lower your costs of staffing.
Do not forget that every intern will require training by experienced personnel in order to get the best results. In this section we offer you two examples of letters to find practitioners.
Example 1 of an internship request letter:
Santiago, August 10, 2013
Industrias Cemex
Av. Rivas 870
Phone 614 06 39
Universidad Nueva Inglaterra
Facultad de Ingeniería
Av. Calamara 235
Phone 290 88 40
Best regards:
Through this letter we present to you Industrias Cemex, a leading company in the area of electrical inputs, leader in the production, consulting and installation of industrial electrical accessories.
The reason for this letter is to establish with your prestigious university an agreement for professional practices since we are looking for 10 students in their last semester of electrical engineering to work with us.
Our company wants to be part of the educational process of the professionals in our country and that is why we offer our practitioners all they need to implement all their knowledge and gain the experience that the working market requires.
As a requirement we request students who have excelled throughout their career for their dedication and good academic results.
We thank you beforehand and will be waiting for your answer,
Julio Bernal
Head of Human Resources
Industrias Cemex
Example 2 of an internship request letter:
Cali, September 15, 2013
Yomokama SA
Av. Paso Largo 670
Phone 450 88 92
Instituto Superior CIDCO
Av. Férrea 450
Phone 537 357 35
To whom it may concern:
Through this statement, Yomokama SA, extends a warm greeting and introduce ourselves to you.
We are a leading company in the installation of networks for the business and the industry sector and we are known for providing the best quality service to achieve customer satisfaction. We have over 10 years experience in our field and we have established ourselves as the best alternative in terms of enterprise communications networks.
The reason of this letter is to establish a training agreement with your prestigious Institute for five career practitioners to come and work in our company network.
We know the quality of graduates of substitution and for that reason we want to be part of the training of your students by giving them the experience of starting to work in their field, putting their knowledge into practice and acquiring work experience.
From our side we will provide the students all the resources they need and the best trainers so they can do their job in the best way.
We await a response from your institution. It is great for us to establish collaboration with you.
Diana Tamayo
Human Resources Assistant
Yomokama SA
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