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Cute letters to my aunt
on Mother’s Day

Sweet phrases I love you dear aunt, Happy Mom’s Day
Mothers Day is a very special date in which you must not only congratulate your mom but also to all those women who are part of your family and friends and who are mothers.

One of the immediate related is your aunt and it’s very common that she loves you so much that it is like a second mother for you. So on this Mother’s Day, congratulate her and tell her that you appreciate a lot through a little note.

Here we bring you two models of letters you can customize to give to your aunt in this special occasion.

Model letter to my aunt
on Mother’s Day 1

From: Paul
To: Veronica
My cherished aunt Veronica, this special note is for you because we are in a very special date; today is Mother’s Day and you are to me like my second mother, so I write a few words full of affection.

I remember that from childhood you have been at my side being a great support to my mother, giving me your care and affection when she could not. It is for this reason that as the years passed by and I grew up, so did the esteem I had for you.

But you are still beside me and offer me your advice, comfort and support that you are helpful to overcome my obstacles in life.

I’m so glad to see my cousins, who are fortunate to have you as a mother because you are a person full of love and also I’m glad you’re my aunt.
For that and many other things I wish many happy returns on the day of mothers and have a wonderful day next to my cousins.

Model letter to my aunt
on Mother’s Day 2

From: Ana
To: Aurora
Dear Aunt Aurora
I write this brief note on mothers’ day to say how much I love you and how grateful I am to have had you beside me all my life.
I remember from childhood all you did for me and especially your advice full of wisdom and love.

You are an exemplary mother who gave everything of herself for their children and this wonderful example has served me well now that I am a mother, I always emulate you to provide the best for my son.

It was a bad thing that my mother had left this world so soon, but luckily you get to be my mother from that point forward, giving me your home, your affection, your care and all your love. That’s why I love you so much and always will.

In this special date I want to thank you for all you do for me and especially for having me in your heart as one more of your daughters.
It is my wish that your life is filled with much happiness and good health for you to share with us for a long time. Congratulations on Mother’s Day.

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