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. The love of the couple is strengthened with the arrival of the children and beautiful details such as cute Mother’s Day messages for your wife will help to do it even more.

So, if you were looking for awesome Mother’s Day texts for your wife, you came to the right place, because here we have a free list of the best ones.

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How to say Happy Mother’s Day
to your wife

:: “You gave me a wonderful family, I can’t be happier than I am now, thanks for coming to my life. Happy Mother’s Day!”

:: “Thank you my love for making me so happy, you gave me the privilege of being a Dad and I need nothing more than to have you by my side. Happy Day, I adore you! ”

:: “You are my blessing in the midst of so much storm, your love is my light at the end of the tunnel, you bring happiness to my days. Have a great Mother’s Day. ”

:: “You are a fighting, brave and honest woman. I wish you many congratulations on Mother’s Day, I love you very much. ”Best Whatsapp & text messages for Mother's Day.#MothersDayMessages,#MothersDayQuotes,#MothersDayGreetings,#MothersDayWishes

Happy Mother’s Day
Whatsapp messages

:: “It seems like a dream that you have become my wife and Mother of my children, you are my everything, congratulations on this Day, I love you.”

:: “Your love and perseverance are my strength to move forward, you are the threshold of our family. Thank you for everything, Happy Mother’s Day!”

:: “This house felt empty until you arrived to fill it completely with your infinite tenderness and goodness. Congratulations honey! ”

:: “My greatest desire in this life is that we live in love like the first day and together we make this feeling grow with our son. Happy Mother’s Day!”

:: “I know you love our children and would do anything for them because you are their Mother, and today I want to congratulate you on your day, I adore you my heart.”Quotes to remember your Mom on Mother's Day.#MothersDayMessages,#MothersDayQuotes,#MothersDayGreetings,#MothersDayWishes

Get Happy Mother’s Day
Messenger wishes quotes messages

:: “My Queen, endless congratulations on your Mother’s Day, I will work hard with our children to give you the celebration you deserve, I love you very much.”

:: “My beloved, I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day! You fill my days with all your love; I like to see how you protect our children. You are a magnificent Mom. ”

:: “Our love is infinite, we are soulmates who were born to be together and now with the family we have formed we are very happy. Have an awesome Mother’s Day!”

:: “I wanted to remind you of the happiness that it is to have you by my side, you are the greatest wife and Mother that can exist, Happy Day!”Beautiful Mother's Day romantic quotes for wife.#MothersDayMessages,#MothersDayQuotes,#MothersDayGreetings,#MothersDayWishes

Mother’s Day
Cell phone greetings

:: “Today we will celebrate as you deserve because you are the Queen of the house, who takes care of every detail. I love you my heart and congratulations. ”

:: “My children and I got the lottery with you sweetheart, we don’t need anything if you are with us, we love you so much! Congratulations to the best Mom! ”

:: “Only God could do wonders and you are an example of it, I’m blessed because I have you with me as wife and Mother of our daughter. Happy Day, my Queen. ”

:: “My dear, thank you for your love and loyalty, I adore you with all my being. Congratulations on this Mother’s Day, you are exceptional, unique! ”What do you say to a wife on Mother's Day?.#MothersDayMessages,#MothersDayQuotes,#MothersDayGreetings,#MothersDayWishes

Best Mother’s Day messages
greetings and sayings

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Do not hesitate and send these tender Mother’s Day thoughts to that woman with whom you share your days and joys.

All these new Mother’s Day dedications for a wife are completely free, so take advantage and make your soulmate sigh.Get best rated Mother's Day love messages.#MothersDayMessages,#MothersDayQuotes,#MothersDayGreetings,#MothersDayWishes

Beautiful Mother’s Day
quotes to your wife

:: “At your side I learned the meaning of true love and loyalty, you are a noble and good person. Happy Mother’s Day my darling. I adore you.”

:: “My loneliness has ended since you became my life partner, you completely fill my space, I want to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day! , I love you a lot.”

:: “You are simply exceptional, thanks so much for everything. My love for you is infinite. Happy Mother’s Day to you my beautiful companion and Mom of my children. ”

:: “Although you are a self-sufficient woman, do not doubt that I am always for you unconditionally. I am proud of you, Congratulations on this Mother’s Day! ”english Mother's Day text messages.#MothersDayMessages,#MothersDayQuotes,#MothersDayGreetings,#MothersDayWishes

Find the most beautiful
Mother’s Day quotes

:: “Congratulations on Mother’s Day. Our son and I are going to make this date a very special one; we are your number one fans. We love you.”

:: “I found my guardian angel in a beautiful woman who today is my wife and Mother of my children. Since then I know that nothing bad can happen to us. Happy Day!”

:: “All the good that exists in my life I owe it to you, you gave me what I could never buy with money ”a home”, I will be eternally grateful. Happy Mother’s Day!”

:: “You gave me the strength to believe in me when I felt that everything was lost, I am eternally in love with you honey, have a nice Mother’s Day.”Beautiful Mom sayings for Mothers day.#MothersDayMessages,#MothersDayQuotes,#MothersDayGreetings,#MothersDayWishes

What do you say to a
wife on Mother’s Day?

:: “Since you accepted to be my wife we ​​have become a powerful team, we motivate each other to be better every day, I love you and Happy Day my beautiful wife.”

:: “Beauty is not only physical but also spiritual and your heart is totally beautiful in both aspects, I love you very much. Happy Mother’s Day!”

:: “I just have to look at your face and feel that I don’t need anything else to be happy, together forever my life, thank you for our beautiful home. Happy Mother’s Day.”

:: “When I started a life with you I was born again, now I am growing by your side, I learn many things from you, I love you so much. Happy Mother’s Day, sweetie.Mother's Day whatsapp messages for my wife.#MothersDayMessages,#MothersDayQuotes,#MothersDayGreetings,#MothersDayWishes

Happy Mother’s Day wishes
for wife

:: “My Queen, a thousand blessings on this Mother’s Day! Today everything will be as you deserve, I hope you like my surprise. I love you.”

:: “All the happiness in the world for you on this great Mother’s Day, I pray to God that you never lack that strength and that you continue to be a beautiful example of Mom and woman.”

:: “I wish you to spend a beautiful Mother’s Day, you and my children are the most precious treasure I have, your noble heart gives me the peace I need, you are my motivation. I love you!”

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