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Well, it is true; the act of apologizing has never been easy to anyone. When we realize that the other was right, we just run away without wanting to talk about the issue anymore, but we must learn to accept our mistakes and overcome our fears. How bad can it be to apology? Do not trouble yourself anymore, just go ahead and write it down.

As follows, we show you a list of some phrases you can use to apologize. Nothing is as difficult as you may think. Just send a phrase and see its powerful effects working. Apologizing is a gift, and he who speaks first is always the smartest. Check out the list.

Free list of apology messages:

-I am asking for an apology from the bottom of heart, for I know that I have failed and you do not deserve the pain that I have caused you. Forgive me for being so foolish, for all the harm I have caused you, for everything bad that ever came out of me.
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-You are my best friend and I never wanted to hurt you, please forgive me; I promise to be different and value what you do for me.
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-Love of my life, I know that words are not enough, but I come to honestly ask you to forgive me and give me the opportunity to clarify our mistakes. I’ll never fail you again.
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-I hope you can forgive me for having made such a terrible mistake, I’ll not be the same as before, I’ll be wiser and will try to make you smile every time. God bless you.
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-Thanks for giving me the best moments of your life. Please forgive me, without you nothing makes sense, we are only moving apart from each other. Thanks for being so good, as I have been acting rudely.
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-I ask for an apology from the bottom of my heart, for you are the person I have loved the most, but we are all humans, and humans have significant limitations and errors. Do not leave me alone, please, come back where you belong.
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-Please forgive me for all the wrong things I have done. I’ll never do such a thing, never again. I’ll be thinking every hour about not hurting you. Thank you.
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-Always remember that those who are unable to forgive will never find love again, because he or she’ll not be able to express such a noble feeling. Please forgive my mistakes, for I live in constant regret.
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-I only seek your forgiveness now that I know I have failed. Now you think you will never be the same, but let’s forget all about the past and start from scratch, I promise a life without torment.
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-Friend, please forgive me for I have been very bad with you these last days, just hope you want to talk to me again. I apologize for everything bad I have done, I’ll never hurt you again, you are like my sister and I sincerely appreciate you.
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-I didn’t mean to hurt you, I just made a mistake. Please forgive me, and I’ll give you a beautiful new dawn.
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Now you know. The fact of apologizing turns out to be comforting and very positive. Thus, strengthen friendships, so just apologize if you were wrong. People will appreciate you even more when you know how to recognize your mistakes. Come back soon for more.


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