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That moment when your beloved offspring finally turns fifteen years old, it becomes for you nothing but sheer desperation; because you must take care of the party, the surprises, the guests, the clothing and everything that concerns the fact of organizing an event for such an special person and occasion.
This is, without a doubt, a moment that should prevail in your memory forever, so it must turn out to be the best day ever you’re your daughter. Also, you should think about writing her a message, a message to that girl that will soon become a beautiful young woman. As follows, we show you some example sentences that you can share with her.
Free list of 15 years old messages:
-Beautiful girl of mine, in this special day in which you will become a beautiful woman, I just wanted to tell you that it is time for you to take off, nobody will ever stop you, you go ahead and fight for your dreams, search for what you really crave. Happy birthday, my beloved daughter!
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-For a beautiful woman who now has deployed her wings to become a majestic butterfly. Never stop dreaming, your parents will be provided all the support you might need. I send you many kisses, hugs and blessings on this special day. Happy fifteen – birthday, sweet child of mine!
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-Thanks for being who you are, girlfriend. Honestly, there is no other person as beautiful as you in the whole wide world. Now that you turn fifteen, I wish you the greatest blessings. Have a nice birthday party.
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-We will always be right there by your side, guiding you so you can make the best decisions for you, dear child. But you will be the master of your life, and only you will know how to behave in this new stage of your life that opens many doors. Happy fifteen years. May your days be full of light forever.
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-My heart would like to see you as a girl again, but time has passed and now you’re a beautiful woman. I just wish that life gives you many lessons of wisdom and that all your goals are met. Happy fifteen years, beloved daughter.
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-You look beautiful and radiant, beautiful princess who arrives in the carriage, lucky I am to be with you, as I have never seen such beauty in all my years. Have a beautiful birthday and remember that I will love you forever and beyond.
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-Your beauty dazzles everyone on this special day. For me, there is nobody who can be compared to you. I love you so much that I would give up my life for you, love. Today I’m full of hope and joy for you. Happy birthday, may your dreams always come true.
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-For you, my dear friend, who now turns fifteen years of youth, magic and joy; tonight you’ll dress up as a woman, but now that you have reached this stage, you should never forget to re-dress as a child. I love you girlfriend! Happy birthday!
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Turning fifteen is definitely a reason to celebrate, share with her a sentence that will make her feel loved and trusted in the new stage of her life. Come back soon for more phrases, remember we update the site every week! See you soon!

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