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When a loved one passes away, it brings a lot of sadness to the soul and makes us meditate and think about life and happiness. The passing away of someone close makes us miss their company and all the things they did with us, if you’ve ever experienced this kind of sadness then you know that it’s very a very difficult time and that it can only be overcome with the help of friends and family. Do you have a close friend who just lost a friend and would like to say some encouraging words to help them recover?

In this section we’ll show you some phrases for you to express your condolences to a friend that’s going through such a hard time. Feel free to use these phrases and show your friend that you’re there for them and can provide them all the help they need to surpass such a difficult situation like this.

Free list of phrases to express your condolences to friends:

– “Dear friend, I know you’re going through a painful time as are all the people who knew him, I know exactly how you’re feeling and what is going on and I want to express my condolences and my friendship to you in case you need anything, I’m so sorry for your loss.”
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– “The death of a loved one is something you never expect to happen when it happens and so it’s hard to accept, please receive my deepest condolences.”
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– “At some point everyone has to die, it’s something hard to accept, but death is part of life and God’s decision.”
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– “As scripture says, we were created from dust and to dust we shall return, we cannot avoid feeling sorry for the death of your father, but time will help wounds heal and let’s remember he was a great man with a beautiful smile.”
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– “Although your mother is already one step ahead of us, we’ll keep her memory alive here on earth and I know she’ll help us achieve our goals, and that the spirit of those who die always take care of us and guide us from heaven.”
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– “No one can say life is endless, we can leave at any time, that is why we must take the time to love our partner and loved ones in our life, dear friend, you have my deepest condolences.”
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– “You’re a great friend and you’re full of qualities and that joy that you must not lose by the loss of your sister, it is sad to see you this way, cheer up dear friend, your sister is now resting in paradise.”
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– “In these hard moments you’re going through, the only thing I can do is give you my support for anything you need, I know nothing I say will bring your child back to life, that’s why I’m with you in your pain and I’ll pray for you daily.”
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– “One of the most important beings in your family has just passed away and that gives me great sadness as well, you and your family have my most heartfelt condolences.”
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We’re sure that if you use these phrases to express your condolences to your friends you’ll help them regain their spirit and overcome the loss of their loved one the best they can.

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