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Making mistakes is something that tends to happen on a regular basis, sometimes we realize it, but sometimes we don’t, and others we just make them on purpose. As human beings we have a lot of imperfections and these usually have effect on the people we love, so the most coherent thing to do is accept our mistake bravely and learn to ask forgiveness.

To ask forgiveness we don’t need to be on or knees o crying. To ask forgiveness we have to do it in a sincere way from the bottom of our hearts, let’s be honest and ask forgiveness for any mistake we’ve made or for some harm we’ve caused. Up next we offer a list of phrases to ask forgiveness. Send them by SMS or dedicate them to someone in their Wall of Facebook or through Twitter and you’ll be forgiven.

Free list of phrases to ask for forgiveness:

– “The mistake was mine, everything came out of control and I’d like you to forgive me, I’m asking you sincerely from the bottom of my heart.”
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– “I did it without thinking and I didn’t believe in you, now I’m totally sorry, I0m torn for having hurt you and for not trusting your words, I beg you to forgive me.”
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– “You never knew how to understand me, what I was thinking, or what I was doing, so that’s why I’m apologizing, for not being the person you always desired, but still I want you to know that I love being the way I am.”
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– “I feel like I’m trapped, I don’t see the way out and I’m the only one to blame, please forgive me for making you a part of the problem, I never intended to hurt you, I beg you find the way to forgive me for my inappropriate actions.”
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– “If you ever cried for the mistakes I made I’d like to ask you to forgive me please, I’m very sorry, I promise it will never happen again.”
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– “I know there’s love between us and that asking you for forgiveness is complicated for you, you witnessed my lack of loyalty and may never trust me again, but I’m asking your forgiveness from my heart.”
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– “I’m the one to blame for your sorrow, and that’s got me restless, please forgive me for not being honest with you and braking my promise.”
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– “I think that in these moments I’m the worst human being on this earth, I cheated on you and I was careless, I’d like you to know that you’re still the one I love and I want to say I’m sorry.”
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– “Forgive me, I had no idea how valuable you were in my life, now that you’re not here I cry because of your absence, I miss you so much in my life.”
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– “We can’t go back in time or mend my mistake, the only thing I can do in such sad moments as these is to sincerely ask you from my heart if you can forgive me for the mistake I made, I beg you that at some point in our lives you can erase from your memory the mistake I had.”
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Let’s hope you’ve liked these messages to ask forgiveness and that you use them on that person you’ve harmed.

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