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Believe in God and you’ll live in peace. The faith in God can change your life for good, to recover hope and to be positive about the future. Thanks to God, many people had made up their way and now they have a new objective in life.
God can do something wonderful for us; its love fills our spirit of happiness. In social networks, people post thousands of phrases and quotes about love, friendship, birthday, etc. Would you like to post a message about God? In this article you’ll find a list of God’s quotes and messages. Post these messages on twitter or facebook or send them as SMS to your friends.
Free list of God’s messages:
:: “Never doubt about God’s love for us, some difficulties in life are tests to see if we keep our faith under any circumstance, God will be with us forever”
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:: “It’s shocking to see how people admire singers and artists instead of God, Those celebrities don’t care about their fans but God knows perfectly what we’re feeling and thinking right now, he loves you and wants you to be happy”
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:: “God took us to this world for a reason, don’t waste your life doing things that hurt others, remember that God wants people to love to each other, he wants you to change your way and to live in peace”
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:: “You can hear God’s voice deep inside you, pray and ask him to give you strength for the difficult moments, to give you wisdom when you’re confused and to show you the light when your life turns dark”
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:: “Don’t worry about the mistakes you made in the past, feel sorry about your bad actions and ask God for a chance to change your life, you’re one of his sons and if you believe in him you will overcome any obstacle”
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:: “Don’t wait something bad happens in your life to you to ask God for help, get your spirit closer to him every day and ask him to protect your family, friends and all the people you love, he will always hear you”
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:: “Never feel lonely because there’s always someone with you, God is the friend who never let you alone, he is the one who is with you in good and bad moments, the one who knows those sad issues in your life and the one who can make you happy again”
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:: “Think about God as the only who can save your life, when you feel bottom and can’t find solutions for your life, ask him to help you to solve your problems, trust in him and you’ll see there’s going to be an important change in your life”
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We hope you liked these God’s quotes and messages. Remember something, God loves everybody in this world and we should love him too.

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