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They say days are all special, but when it comes to our birthday they are even more so. You do not have a birthday every day; it is a date to celebrate the years we have lived.

On that day, people who love us, friends, relatives, coworkers, etc. will greet us and give us some presents. But a birthday is more than that; it is a day to set up new goals, and also to go out and have fun. Now, through social networks like Facebook or Twitter you can know when your friends’ birthdays are.

Is it your friend’s birthday and you do not know what to write? This article will help you find the right greeting for the occasion. We give you a list with fun birthday greetings. They will not only express your best wishes, but they will also amuse those who receive them.

Best Fun Birthday Greetings:

:: “Happy birthday to you. If we were granted a wish for every passing year, you would surely already have had me gone from this world. Just kidding. I appreciate you a lot and I know you do too, that is why I send you my best wishes”.
Category : Fun Birthday Greetings

:: “I want you to invite me to your birthday party today. I will give you a present and steal a kiss from your sister as my birthday present in advance =)”
Category : Fun Birthday Greetings

:: “Happy birthday, my friend. Even if you get older and grumpier, I will always be with you. Just kidding, you are the nicest and best friend of all. Happy birthday”.
Category : Fun Birthday Greetings

:: “If I had not jotted on my calendar that today is my silliest friend’s birthday, I would not have realized it is your birthday today. Do not get mad, it is a joke. I know you are smarter than Einstein”.
Category : Fun Birthday Greetings

:: “If your birthday is today, turn around 50 times, and if you get dizzy and nauseous, it means that even if time goes by, you will always be the usual obedient boy. =). From my heart I wish you a happy birthday”.
Category : Fun Birthday Greetings

:: “I have a feeling that I am forgetting something, surely it is not anything important. Anyway, if you know of something important going on today, please let me know. Gotcha, I know your birthday is today. Happy birthday.
Category : Fun Birthday Greetings

:: “I am not good at writing greetings. I can only wish you a happy birthday. Now, if you tell me there is a party at your house, I can get inspired”.
Category : Fun Birthday Greetings

:: “I will go to your house today and hug you for your birthday. I only ask you to please open the door fast and welcome me with a piece of cake, because I have more important things to do. Just kidding, what can be more important than hugging my best friend on his birthday? Congratulations”.
Category : Fun Birthday Greetings

We hope you liked these birthday greetings. They are so good and funny that your friends that receive them will surely smile.

Send your originals phrases, text messages, quotes about  fun birthday greetings phrases and will be published , others friends will thank you.

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Fun Birthday Greetings, Free List of Fun Birthday Greetings, Best Fun Birthday Greetings, Birthday Congratulations, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday Phrases

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