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There are some days when our friends are not quite entirely right and it is important that we accompany them in their sorrow and help them recover their smile and encouragement. They would do the same for us.

Sometimes discouragement is due to boredom or the lack of desire to do things. In such cases, go shopping, eating or be distracted for a while by doing anything to help him get better. Other times it is necessary to convey a serious message and thought that will help him reflect and understand that what he feels will not last forever and that he has his friends to help him feel better when needs.

Up ahead we offer you with a list of phrases or messages that you can say or send to your friend when he is not in a good mood, for any reason. Due to the fact that one does not always find the exact words, these phrases will be useful very useful for you to build your own idea. Share them personally or by the mean you prefer or the one you use the most among you.

Free list of encouragement messages for a friend:

– “Today you may think that you lack colors in your life, but remember that the sun always comes out although we cannot see it and still it illuminates our path for us to continue overcoming adversity and making us stronger.”
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– “You probably feel that the course of your life is not the same anymore, it is common to think and go through these situations, but they should not last forever. We must get to work to find what makes us truly happy. For that we are friends, count on me for anything. “
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– “It is normal that, at certain stages of our lives, we start to think about what we have done, what we are doing and what we will do. The ideas may seem confusing but eventually we find our way. I will make sure that it is not too late for you and so you can continue sharing your happiness with everyone. “
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– “God does not abandon you, believe in Him and you will see things in your head get better sooner than you expected. Go your way and always look forward. Soon you will be the happy man you have always been. “
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– “When you think you have lost everything, you can always count on your friends to regain that confidence and keep fighting the difficulties that make us become stronger. You have all our support. “
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– “It is likely that all the good things you have lived today, you will not appreciate so much at this moment, but you will see that in the near future these situations will make you remember how good it is to live. Be aware that everything you enjoy, many people around the world do not, feel lucky to have what you have and all your problems will seem smaller and you will be able to overcome them. “
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– “You have always been a strong and robust man in your ideals, now that you are facing some problems is when you need to restore confidence in yourself, that confidence will always help you move forward.”
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– “If you had to choose how to live, I am sure you would choose to live it well and be happy. Now you feel that you cannot take another step, but remember who you are and how far you can go just by being you. Come to me whenever you need me, I am here to help you. “
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– “Just like the good things do not last forever, sadness and discouragement do not either. It is normal to feel disappointed after a situation, but it does not take much time for you to recover and be the same as always. “
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– “Friends are there for friends to rely on. You can always use my shoulder and ask me for advice. What you feel will disappear quickly and I hope to see you smile soon. What makes you great is the joy that you have always transmitted us. “
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– “Nothing in this world can stop you except for yourself. When you feel you are not advancing it is because you have built a barrier of prejudice against yourself. Free yourself of all that and begin to grow as you deserve. You can count on all of us to recover what you lost. “
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– “Remember that you can always count on us, especially in difficult times like these, which you are going through. If you want a hand, I will give you two and help you as needed. “
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With these words, our friend will recover for sure, you must be concise and sincere in what you say and you will see how he thinks things through and will look better in less time than you imagined. Never stop supporting him, your words will always be necessary.

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