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Having a friend is something invaluable that we always appreciate in every step of our lives. Some say that friends are the brothers that life gave us and therefore we owe them much respect, love and dedication, but also support, trust and understanding.
The fact that there is lot of affection between friends does not mean that there will not be any misunderstandings and problems between the two of them; so in these cases, the ideal course of action would be that they talk about it, to reach a balanced ground, in which each one states their point of view and stops attacking the other, in order to find a solution to the misunderstanding.
Usually, problems arise precisely because of that, because people do not know how to understand each other when presenting their points of view, as we all have a different one, but none is more valuable than the other. When we have an attitude that is poorly empathetic, we have a hard time understanding what the other really means and that is where problems arise.
Apart from this, the idea of any problem between friends, is to find a middle point in which problems can be worked out and solved, as long as both of you consider that the friendship there is between the two of you is way more important. In this occasion we offer you messages of reconciliation that we hope will help you solve the misunderstandings you have with your friend.
Free list of reconciliation messages for friends:
:: “We were both wrong, but I think there is still time to come to an agreement and leave the problems behind, because I think that our friendship is more important than anything else. I hope to hear from you and what you think of this, I think we still have a lot to live to be upset with each other”.
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:: “I think we have the ability to think rationally and leave subjectivity aside, which allow us to objectively assess the situation and see that the problem has been in vain. Each of us has an opinion and it should be respected, but I think that our friendship must prevail”.
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:: “Please let us stop the nonsense, we have always been too close as friends to now have so many problems now that do not have either head or tail. I offer you a truce, I hope you take it and that we can talk about it, because the love between us ought to be bigger than anything else”.
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:: “Today I have been evaluating many things, the good ones and bad ones that I have in my life and it breaks my heart to see how such a good could have left my side and for something as silly as what happened. I think we should give ourselves another chance, try to at least talk about it, see what the other thinks and feels about what happened and come to a middle point in which we can fix everything, I hope you think so too and that you communicate it with me, I miss you”.
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:: “I was wrong and I regret having made such a silly mistake every single day. That is why I decided to approach you with this message, to finally express everything that I feel, the pain that I carry and the pain it causes me that we are so far away when we have been the best friend that anyone could see since we were very little”.
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:: “We live thousands of things, experiences, adventures, accomplishments and sorrows. I think that friendship is all about that, and that was what we had until the altercation. I have busted my head trying to understand at what point everything was lost and the truth is that I cannot remember it, it is like as if my mind has blocked my memory. That leads me to think that maybe it was not so bad, that it was something that we could have solved, and that is why I come to you, looking to hear from you”.
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You will see how everything turns out well once you send this message. It will help for things to calm down and that you two find each other involved again, trying to find a solution to everything that happened. Come back soon, we will be waiting!
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