Colombian Television

The Best Channels In Colombian Broadcast Television Colombia has excellent broadcast television channels in Latin America. Since it started in 1954, television has been one of the most important media in this country. According to official researches, nowadays television is available in 90% of Colombian households. In this article we will talk about the best …

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The Best TV Shows In US

The best TV Shows in the United States Television programs of United States harvested many successes worldwide and is characterized by having a touch of originality, have good writers and also a cast of first-rate actors. A special mention goes to TV series in this country, which have become, even in cult series and have …

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Mexican Television

The Best Mexican Broadcast Television Channels Broadcast television channels are among the most important communication media in Mexico. Such channels are broadcast nationwide through relay stations all over the national territory. In this article you will know a little more about these Mexican broadcast television channels, their current programs and the most popular hosts. Canal …

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Peruvian Television Channel 5

Panamericana Televisión: Channel 5 Panamericana Televisión is one of the most important channels in Peruvian broadcast television history. With over 50 years running, this television station is one of the most solid communication companies in Peru. Currently, it is one of the most successful channels on the air, most of which is due to the …

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All about 3 – D Screens

What are 3 – D Screens : 3 – D Screens are a new application of the auto stereoscopic screens, which allow the viewer to have the feeling of been inside the image, which is its main objective. It is as been in a surreal world artificially created, like 3 – D screens, but without …

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