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Sports TV channels in America

Which streaming service is best for live sports?
Looking for best america Sports TV channels ?,Which streaming service is best for live sports? Sports TV channels are very popular in most of the countries. The programs that are broadcasting in these channels are focused in the most important sports events around the world.
In sports TV channels, you can watch tournaments, games, news, interviews and reports about everything related to the sport world.
For example, in these kinds of channels you can watch “The BBVA league” for Spain and the NBA league and playoffs. Which are the most popular sports TV channels in America? .
In this article we’ll know which some sports TV channels are and some of the most important programs broadcasting in them.

Whatch TV Fox Sports

Fox Sports is one of the most popular sports TV channels in America. In this channel you can watch “The Champions League” and “The UEFA Europe League”, the two greatest soccer championships in the world. Also, Fox Sports broadcasts “The Barclays Premier League” from England and the “Serie A” from Italy.
If we talk about news, there are news programs for all the sports disciplines such as the soccer, basketball, football, tennis, American football, rugby, F1 and more. These programs are broadcasting every day. Now Fox Sports has HD signal.
For more information about this channel, go to

Whatch TV ESPN

ESPN is one of the best sports TV channels in America and the world. ESPN also broadcasts the most important soccer championships around the world.
For example: The BBVA league from Spain, The Serie A from Italy, The Barclays Premier League from England and The Bundesleague form Germany. If we talk about other sports, we can mention international tennis tournaments such as The Grand Slam, The U.S Open, and The Davis Cup and also the best basketball league in the world, the NBA.
ESPN has an excellent sports news program called “Sports Center”, a program about the most important events in the sport world. ESPN has 4 different signals, ESPN, ESPN +, ESPN HD and ESPN Play, the last signal is for mobile phones.
See more about ESPN in

Whatch TVGol TV

Gol TV is a sports TV channel specialized in soccer. Gol TV broadcasts the most important soccer leagues from Europe and America. In this channel, you can watch soccer matches from The Bundesleague, The Italian Cup, and The Zon Sagres League from Portugal and The Brasileirao.
In addition of the broadcasting of the soccer matches, there are news programs about each of these leagues such us Hallo Bundesleague and Foot Brazil.
Gol TV is broadcasting in most of the countries in America and has a signal in HD to enjoy the programs and live events at its best. If you want to know more about this sport TV channel, the web site is
What are the main TV channels in America?

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