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lcdBefore buying an LCD television, we know that our economy is the first thing before choosing any model, it is true that there are some really cheap LCD televisions, but we do not expect them to satisfy us in matters of dimensions, or in the image quality, not even in the functions they posses, because a cheap television cannot be compared with other models of much superior ranges.

But, before getting to know what type of television we must buy, we first need to know what this device is all about. An LCD television mainly counts with a thin liquid crystal screen that is conformed of a great amount of pixels and which has a reflecting light in front, unlike old – fashioned televisions (CRT), the LCD televisions have considerably exceeded, in the resolution size, as well as in weight and image quality matters.

After getting to know some fundamental aspects of an LCD television, we must ask ourselves some questions in order to help us knowing which television we must buy. In the first place we ask ourselves: why do I need an LCD television? Do I care about the image size and quality? Do I want a television with internet connection or HDIM entrance? Or is it not necessary? After asking these questions we can have a clear idea of what we need and what we can buy.

A very important factor for many is the image quality; this depends a lot on the resolutions, brightness and contrast of the LCD television. The LCD screen’s resolution depends on the T.V.’s dimensions, both vertical as well as horizontal, which we know as pixels; this element of the television is very meaningful, because the clarity is very related to it. The last televisions that have been launched work with a vertical resolution of 1080 pixels and 1920 in the horizontal, with a full HD quality; these models can perfectly show the last technology in reproduction of Blue Ray films or the last PlayStation 3 games with an impressive detail level.

Another very important factor is the brightness of the LCD screen, these screens express in candelas per square meter, the brightness level of the LCD television is going to be able to provide a greater margin of projection of the color ranges than the ones that can be seen in a regular television, this means that having a higher brightness will be shown in a wider range of tones and, therefore, a better clarity.

Finally, the contrast of an LCD television will also depend a lot on the level of brightness of the LCD television, because the quality of these two factors is going to be the one that sets the tone color scale, to be able to get to know the contrast level of the T.V. they are represented in the format xxxxxxx:1, where the x’s mean the tone scale offered by the television; at a higher contrast, images can be seen with a higher definition, however, the price depends a lot on this factor, because a significant difference can be seen between the price of a television of 25.000:1 to one of 50.000:1.

Due to the amount of new multimedia devices for notebooks and, also, to the same operative system that we have, the duration of the battery of our notebooks lasts for a short period of time. Unlike cell phones, many people recommend us to avoid letting it completely die to charge it again, because they ensure that that could reduce the battery’s lifetime.

There are many ways of prolonging the life of our batteries; for example, when we buy a notebook or a new battery, we must charge it for 12 continuous hours, after that it must be uncharged and be completely recharged for three times, in this way we will be able to prolong the life of our batteries. But we must not forget that his method only works when the battery is completely new or when we have not been using it for several months, this is very important because it is not recommendable that, after doing this method the battery is completely uncharged, because it will diminish its duration as well as its useful life.

It is also recommended that, every time that it is possible, it is plugged into electric current, even if the recharge of it is not completed, the important thing is for it to always have at least a little bit of battery, because, if that happens, it would affect its life by shortening it.

Approximately, the life of a battery is of two years, but most of the manufacturers give a warranty that is good for only a year, this is due to the fact that in of the cases, the battery’s life depends a lot in the way the user works with it. To be able to notice if the battery has already ended its lifetime, we have to completely charge it (100%) and the amount of time it takes to be uncharged is much shorter than it did when it was just acquired.

On the other hand, a very interesting program can be used to save energy, this program is known as Aerofoil, especially when the operative system used is Windows Vista, because this system consumes a lot more electric energy than other versions of Window, because it uses a great amount of resources for the processor. But, with Aerofoil, the energy saving can easily be set by simply deactivating certain characteristics of Windows or, also, the auto power plan could be used, it will automatically deactivate all the devices that are not been used. This program is very useful for those who have already installed the Windows 7 operative system or for the ones that have the Windows Vista installed; due to the fact the battery in these operative systems is extremely limited. It can be downloaded from here: (

To complete this, it is always good to follow some advices, in the first place, the screensavers with very detailed graphics or with deafening movements, consume more of the battery’s energy because of the usage of the screen refreshment, which is why it is much better to deactivate them or to change it for a simpler on. The shine of the screen must also be lowered down, the devices that are not been used, such as the wireless, Bluetooth, infrared, etc., must be shut down. Reducing the activity of the hard drive, deactivate some programs that are not been used when the equipment starts, etc.

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