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Television programs of United States harvested many successes worldwide and is characterized by having a touch of originality, have good writers and also a cast of first-rate actors. A special mention goes to TV series in this country, which have become, even in cult series and have been translated to a lot of languages and broadcast in many countries. In this section we will tell you which lines are most popular, besides in which channel you can tune it, as well as a brief description of them.
This series has set the highest rating to the sort of criminal investigation. Currently has 13 seasons on the air and is a series in which a group of investigators and forensic police department, first class, investigate the most difficult crimes to resolve in the city of Las Vegas. Its first issue was in 2000 and has been so successful that resulted in two series: CSI New York and CSI Miami. For more on this series you can visit their official website
The Big Bang Theory
The Big Bang Theory is the most popular comedy in the world today. In it a group of four geniuses who work at a university live endless very fun adventures due to their high intelligence and lack of social skills, especially with the girls. This quartet is complemented by a beautiful neighbor that has become very fond of them and triggers very funny situations. Currently, it’s going by the season number 7 and it can be tuned by CBS. For more information on this series you can visit their page
Another of the most popular in the world, in the musical genre series is Glee. In it a group of students who want to be stars of the music world are the protagonists and their stories of success and improvement will capture your attention. The most striking is that this series has the originality of the various choreographies presented in each chapter, in addition to singing performances that are preferred by young people. This series can see on the Fox network on the Internet Your website is
The Walking Dead
Zombies are all the rage and not just in the movies. Also on the small screen we can find the most popular series on the zombie apocalypse and this is The Walking Dead. This popular series is based on the comic series of the same name. In it a group of people fight each chapter to avoid being infected by zombies and safeguard their lives in search of a safe place to reside. This series is original AMC channel and you can see more about it on its website
New Girl
We can consider that New Girl is a brand new series and is now in its second season, yet has become one of the most popular series in the United States. Here the protagonist is a young woman who is disappointed about love and has decided to start from scratch. She’s flatmate of three boys and live with them a series of misunderstandings and entanglements filled with plenty of humor in his dual personality which will confuse many. You can tune in on FOX and see additional information on the next site
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