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There is not a nicer way to show how you feel about that person who captivates you and who stole your heart than letting him know all that he means to you through a beautiful message for the day of his birthday.
As long as it is a loved one, whether someone in your family, a friend or someone you know, then we will want to wish them the best, but when it comes to the person you most adore and with whom you have an amazing time, then you out more effort in making him feel how much you want him. This is because we see it as a very important way to make our boyfriend know how much he means to us and he represents in our lives.
Remember that you do not need to spend a fortune as long as the messages come from your heart. A very nice way and a nice touch is to send messages in which you express the best of yourself, check the examples we have brought you down below.
Free list of birthday messages for my partner:
:: “It feels so good to be celebrating your birthday with you, my life. Because it makes me feel that we are not only celebrating that, but also all the wonderful things there are between us. I am really proud of you, everything you do feels like a step that brings us closer to achieving our goals and making our dreams come true. I will make you happy, especially today, because I want you to know that without you I would be nothing, you have taught me what I am capable of, because you believed in me when no one else wanted to do. Happy day, my sweetie”.
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:: “I love you so much I feel that my arms are not big enough to hold you, that my lips are not big enough to kiss you and I take time is not enough to show you everything you are to me and how happy you make me. Nothing will be able to separate us, we are invincible if we stand together as we have so far. You are the nicest birthday boy I have ever seen in my life, it is hard to control myself and not jump over you with thousands of kisses”.
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:: “You make me feel a completely passionate and loving woman. Only you have managed to bring to the surface this side of me that I thought I did not have, because what you inspire in me is from another world, it makes me float, jump in the sky and touch the clouds. I hope that in this special day for all of us you appreciate how the Lord has worked in all these years to bless you, filling you with joy, good health and many more blessings. Happy birthday, cute little baby”.
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:: “I was born to love you, that is my mission in life and since I discovered it, I could not be happier because I live by it every day. I feel privileged to accompany you on this day, in which we celebrate your birthday with all the people you love so much, my love. I hope that you never miss anything in life, and for love you can be calm because I will always take care of giving it to you to the extent that you request it. I adore you, a thousand kisses and happy birthday once again”.
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:: “How proud can I feel to be celebrating with you this special day. I still remember like as if were yesterday the day that we met; I immediately knew that from that moment on everything I knew in life would change, knowing that nothing would separate us and that beside you I would learn a lot. Thanks for giving me the chance to love you, I hope you never regret it. Happy birthday and may all you wish for becomes reality”.
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Guide yourself of these very nice messages so you can say what you feel, express your good wishes and dreams you have for your relationship. Remember how good it feels to be loved and to be reminded of it every day, so do not only save them for his birthday, but for all the days of his life. Hope to see you soon, remember that we are always trying to keep up to date with the latest tips and messages for you on our website.
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