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When the birthday of the guy who makes you crazy and who you want to spend all of your time with is approaching, then you must prepare a surprise for him with anticipation, make him a cute gift or just have a nice gesture that makes him see how much you love him.
Apart from the gift you decide to make him, it will always be a very nice gesture on your part that you send him a message in which you express everything you feel for him and how wonderful he makes you feel, the goals that you have by his side and your best wishes for his birthday.
To celebrate it is more than just a birthday, is to thank God for allowing him to have one more year of life and to do it by your side. So we recommend you to think about what we have told you and you decide to choose between models of message we offer you today, you will see that he will love them.
Free list of birthday messages for my boyfriend:
:: “Today, I could not be happier, because I see you are a very special little person and that on this day we celebrate you in style. I adore you and for you I would be able to give up my life, my love. I am irradiating joy to have the opportunity to be together, I hope the Lord and all his archangels are protecting you today and always. You will see that if you keep making your best effort as you have been doing, then all your goals will become a reality. Keep in mind that there is no better day than today for you to accomplish everything you set out to do. I adore you”.
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:: “It is wonderful to be celebrating your day in this special occasion. Sometimes I think we should do it more often, because usually only one day celebrate you falls short. But it does not matter, because as of today I set myself to do it every time I want to, because you are worth it, my love. Happy Birthday, you are a king”.
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:: “Finally, my favorite day of the whole year, has arrived, the day we celebrate your birth, dear sweetheart. I want to thank you for all that you give me, you have no idea what it means to me and how happy you can make me. Celebrate in style, I love you”.
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:: “Do not stop for anything, fight for your dreams, while we are together, everything is possible, I am too sure of that. It is your day, baby, I hope you are very happy about it and that you love all the details that we have prepared for you on this special day. You are everything I always dreamed of and more, please never change or stop loving me because I would die. I love you”.
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:: “To celebrate your birthday makes me very happy, as it is the perfect excuse to give you all the love I have inside me and make you very happy. I know the Lord will not delay his blessings, for he has always known how to take care of us and guide us in the best way”.
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:: “I would love to bring you a bit of sunshine to show you how I feel by your side, protected, illuminated, as if nothing bad could ever happen, because you give me that peace, tranquility and confidence I have never felt before. Thanks for everything, you are the cutest thing that has ever happened to me and I hope you can make unforgettable memories the day of your birthday”.
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:: “Your day has finally arrived, captain of my heart. I think that what this special date deserves is an unprecedented celebration and with no point of comparison, because not every day such a special little person like you celebrates his birthday. By your side I have learnt the meaning of true happiness and I know that nothing could take it away now that we are together. I pray the Lord to bless you as he has been doing so far”.
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It is nice that special days are celebrated as they should, surrounded by people who make us feel special and loved, showing us what we mean to them and their good wishes on that day. Hope to see you soon, good bye and good luck.
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