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Jobs in Germany,employment opportunities :

To look for a job in Germany, the most effective way is the internet career websites. Thus, those interested in immigrating to work in that country should look up the information provided by those online job sites.

Next, we give you information about internet career websites, where several job offers in Germany can be found. We must say that most of these pages are in German, so it is essential to know that language; otherwise, immigrating to another country should be considered.

In the first place, we recommend visiting the Eures webpage, a European job mobility site ( It has job offers from every European country, Germany among them. To access the information within, users must register so they can apply to the different work opportunities. Bear in mind that this website is among the few most preferred ones by companies looking for personnel.

In the second place, we recommend the Job Monitor webpage ( It is among the most visited sites by users. Its information about job offers is sorted by geographical areas and occupation. Here users can find over 267,984 job opportunities in Germany. Additionally, many registered companies let interested people upload their resumes or email them to a designated address.

In the third place, we must mention the Job Pilot webpage ( It also is among the most visited pages by people interested in working in Europe. It has updated information about job vacancies in Germany and other European places. Also, it provides information about profiles of companies that post their personnel needs, and advises users about making a good resume.

Another recommended career website is Learn 4 Good ( ). It has job offers from many countries. Thus, users must choose country, city and profession that fit their job search. After this selection, they will get a list with all available jobs as of the time of the search.

We must also mention the Zeit career website (, which has thousands of job proposals in Germany. Job positions in this site must be selected according to profession. It is worth mentioning that the most demanded job are in health sciences, media, finance, management, engineering, education, psychology, among others.

Also, we must mention the online Job World career website ( Over 300,000 job offers in Germany can be browsed there. Job search can be sorted according on the German city where the user wants to work.

Finally, we recommend those interested in working temporarily in Germany visit the best known employment agencies in Germany. For example:


Also remember to check up job listings in the most important printed media in Germany. For instance:

– Zitty (
– Exberliner (
– Tipp ( )

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