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benefits of teamwork in the workplaceAdvantages and disadvatages of teamwork :
Teamwork gets amazing results when the people’s roles are balanced and the members are responsible. For a good teamwork, the group should compromise with the project since the beginning.

In a team, the leader is the most experienced person in the group and everyone has a specific mission but all must be willing to support the one who needs help. People involved in teamwork knows very well that personal issues have to be aside in order to obtain good results. How can a team keep a good performance for a long time? In this article we’ll talk about the strengths for teamwork.

Respect :
Show respect for our partners and the work they do help the group to have more confidence and communication. Being polite, having good manners, and listening carefully the suggestions of the experienced ones are good actions to show respect.

Confidence :
When people work in groups, they have to learn to trust in their partner’s abilities. Also, the members of a team must have confidence to each other to know how to overcome the problems and look for alternatives of solution.

Determination :
Teamwork can be hard and exhausting but rewarding at the same time. Working with determination means be punctual, be responsible and come up with ideas that benefit the team. For example, if the group decides to extend the work schedule in order to finish the project quicker, don’t refuse the proposal and support decision.

Quietness :
A team always achieves its goals if the atmosphere at work is quiet and appropriate. A work place is considered quiet when the people can work without interruptions and all of them feel comfortable at the same time.

Goals :
It’s important that a team of work set goals as a group since the first day. Goals will make people compromise with work and see the end of a project as a victory for everyone. Real goals have a start date and a due date. Goals must be focused in getting concrete results.

Solidarity :
In a team, everyone has to able to support to each other and to assume important roles at anytime. If a member of the group is absent for any reason, the rest of the team must be able to cover his/her position. When the leader of the team is absent, the most experienced member has to assume the leadership. In this particular case, it’s important the rest of the team bring support to him/her. That way, the new leader could assume the new role with assuredness and confidence.


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