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Engineering has many fields of action several of which are much desired in foreign countries. To get an overview we can see that in Europe it’s been required engineers who have expertise and respective academic credentials recognized internationally.
Within Europe, Spain, Holland, Germany and England, among others, are seeking engineers to make them work in both, the private and the public, and provide high income for professional engineering that are even older than those of other professionals. But what engineering specialties are the best paid in Europe?
This article will tell you what the engineers who enjoy higher wages in Europe and which countries are the most requested.
This country operates oil offshore the North Sea, so petrochemical engineers are very well remunerated as well as all that have to do with the field of hydrocarbon extraction.
The proceeds of these professionals in the oil companies are around 68,000 Euros per year depending on experience and academic training of professionals. Additionally these companies require software or systems engineers who receive an annual paid averaged in 60,000 Euros.
It is a country with a highly developed industrial sector and within this field highlights the automotive, construction machinery and processing of various materials.
For this reason, more professional engineers are required and the best paid are the industrial engineers and mechanical engineers.
On a year, these professionals can earn an average of 50,000 Euros and there are big companies that pay better, which focus their activities in cities like Hamburg, Bremen, Munich and Frankfurt.
The French agribusiness sector is one of the most developed and requires agronomists and industrial engineers who can get to earn an average of about 54,000 per year for his work in large food processing companies.
Additionally, the French energy supplies from a nuclear work that requires nuclear engineers who come to receive an annual salary of 56,000 Euros.
As with England, Holland has funds in the hydrocarbon sector, more precisely in the extraction of natural gas in the north of the country.
That is why professionals in the field of engineering that are best paid in the country are chemical engineers and petrochemical whose annual salary is around 48,000.
Also the Dutch agricultural sector is well developed and requires agronomists who can receive an annual salary of 45,000 Euros.
The strength of this country is the energy sector that requires chemical and environmental engineers and that because Spain produces its energy from renewable sources such as solar energy, of which Spain is a world leader.
As for the salaries we can see that on average an environmental engineer earns 48,000 Euros a year and a chemical engineer receives 46,000 Euros.
Another industry that stands out is the aerospace and automotive industries where mechanical engineers are required and receive a payment up to 45,000 Euros per year.
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