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Original profiles for Resume

On this page we will offer you more original profiles that may be placed in your curriculum vitae on a satisfactory way, a essential part of a good original curriculum is to put a professional profile, of course you must remember that in this section you should highlight your skills and competencies especially those which are really identified with you, the training received, to take in the best conditions the responsibilities assigned to you at your new workplace.

Examples of professional profiles 1 :
Industrial Engineer my human, academic and work formation have been focused on the development and implementation of useful proposals in the field of productivity, with extensive experience in management and preventive maintenance of machinery and also as plant manager, strongly committed to the time and motion research reaching leadership skills to promote teamwork, with ten years experience in management of industrial machines, industrial maintenance, implementation of quality systems for different kinds of products, marketing, equipment belonging to continuous lines, Knowledge about computer systems such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Internet CG1, among others. With wide vision for the benefit of both collective and personal.

Examples of professional profiles 2 :
With respect to me, I really would like to remark that, I am a person with a positive attitude in general, easily adaptable to any equipment, I also count with a great sense of responsibility and commitment with my duties, I also consider easy to adapt to change, sociable and a desire to constant improvement.

As for my training, I am an industrial engineer from Mexico and I am currently studying a Master of Logistics Integral at the Autonomous University of Mexico. I have an advanced level of English, excellent management about the computer tools, the office package, internet, graphics packages, in addition to SAP and AS 400, I have experience of working internationally, and this is because I have worked in countries like Brazil, Italy and the United States of America.

Examples of professional profiles 3 :

I am a Hotel and restaurant manager with the ability for teamwork, achievement and results orientation, I also count with a really high sense of responsibility and commitment, leadership and ability to learn, I count with a perfect handling of Italian language, this is because I went to Italy when I was 5 years old and I studied all my career in that country.

Examples of professional profiles 4:

Master in Business Administration – Finance. I am a licensed in Business Administration, I can speak the English language perfectly, and I count with experience and knowledge in the area of multinational purchases.

I am a teacher from a University who give lessons about the essential courses like: Financial Management, Logistics, Supply and Purchasing Management. I also posses the ability to lead teams and I can show them the achievement of objectives.

I am easy to adapt to change, sociable and with the desire for constant improvement. In addition to the English, which is one of the languages I speak perfectly, I also speak and write Arabic perfectly, because I was working in Dubai for many years.

Examples of professional profiles 5 :

Industrial engineer with an academic background that allows me to lead, guides, coordinates and develops work of various kinds. I am an organized and really simple person, with provision and service attitude. Good interpersonal skills, responsible and cooperative.
Ability to work under pressure to take on responsibilities and challenges in meeting goals, I can speak English properly because it was offered to me a good job opportunities in New Zealand, actually I was living in that country for over five years.

Examples of professional profiles 6 :

I am a Graduated Assistant in the Executive Secretariat and Management; I really can handle a lot of Windows programs, particularly in Office, with very good provision for teamwork and high-pressure situations. I count with strong analytical skills and organization.
And I can help by providing initiative to assist in the improvement of work processes.

Examples of professional profiles 7 :

Systems engineer with extensive experience in project management and control, analysis, design, consultancy, development and implementation of custom software, organization, establishment and improvement of internal processes, quality control on software products, application of the best development practices, and teamwork as support.

Examples of professional profiles 8 :
Systems engineer with responsibility, honesty and respect, ease of learning, ability to work individually or in groups as needed, organized and respectful in my work.

I count with the ability to talk and deal with people, negotiation skills and I am also persuasive.
With specialization in computer systems, skills with computers and electronics, general knowledge of computer maintenance, upgrades, software installation, solution for many errors, excellent handling of the Internet, programming in Turbo C + +, among other programs, I am an expert in network security Wi-Fi .

Examples of professional profiles 9 :
Licensed in Business Administration with strengths to communicate and express ideas on a clear and consistent way, I count with the capacity to establish priorities and plan multiple tasks properly, I have skills for the team working process, ability to work within the processes of quality ISO 9001 2000.

Examples of professional profiles 10 :
Licensed in Administration and Marketing, responsible person, with high sense of commitment to develop and meet the strategic objectives of the company, 15 years of experience in the commercial and marketing area, leading teams of sales and marketing managers, in addition to my Spanish, I can talk the English language perfectly, this is because my college career was successfully accomplished in England, where in addition to all this, I had very good opportunities for work, my Master in Australia, and my doctor’s degree in Canada.

Examples of professional profiles 11 :

I am a certified Public Accountant with experience in monthly and annual financial closings for many computers’ security companies.

My knowledge is applied under Mexican and U.S. standards, inter-company reconciliations, teamwork, and also work under pressure.

Examples of professional profiles 12 :

Advertising graphic designer able to produce any piece of visual communication and develop further projects as well as visual. I count with knowledge about the color and shape, and skill in the use of manual techniques and various programs on MAC or PC, capable of transmitting advertising messages through illustrations, photographs, and press releases.

I count with Master’s degree in the United States of America, at NYU; I got complete handling on the English and French languages.

Examples of professional profiles 13 :

Computer engineer pro-active and achievement-oriented, experience in systems support multi-platform and also LAN / WAN networks, Network Infrastructure, maintenance and support with specific focus to business objectives, special project teams, education, staffing and resource management, knowledge about quality policy, an expert in computer maintenance.

Project management training and formation, commitment to obey, promote and establish standards and quality standards, ethics and customer service.

Examples of professional profiles 14 :

Industrial Engineer with experience in planning, logistics and implementation of control and maintenance programs, just like obtaining maximum performance in time and personal goals through a variety of systems and methods achieved through practice and experience.

Examples of professional profiles 15 :

I am a trilingual Architect (French, English, and Spanish) with highly commercial approach. I have worked as development Manager, Project Manager, Director of internal network, Director’s Assistant on a lot of projects in Canada. I count with experience in the administration and finance area.

I am a highly commercial, dynamic, enthusiastic and enterprising person with very good personal relations, always willing to learn and accept new challenges with excellent communication skills, organization and reasoning. I am creative, result oriented, motivated by new challenges, methodical, resources and with skills for the handling of groups and to work under pressure.

Examples of professional profiles 16 :

I am an industrial Engineering from the University La Sapienza (Rome-Italy), with excellent interpersonal relationships, leadership skills and personal motivation.

I am a person with great negotiating skills, capable of learning without constraints to change and process innovation, ability to work within a settled reference range according to the standards and duties of an organization. Decision-making capacity based on human and business criteria. I have a strong sense of work commitment, as well as personal growth, family and religion.

I count with a permanently dynamic and positive attitude. Great sense of partnership and belonging, achievement orientation, knowledge and experience in executive, administrative, commercial and productive positions, with a desire to put into practice the knowledge acquired in college and previous jobs, presenting immediate availability to take the position which will be assigned to me.

Examples of professional profiles 17 :

I am the best at what I do, with innate leadership skills and able to manage and coordinate because I count with the essence of leadership: the commitment, responsibility and capacity. I am highly committed to my job, proactive, initiative, analysis.

Convinced that the key to success is in the discipline and the confidence in you, I am capable of making what I take in my hands the best, self-control and self-monitoring, honest, highly responsible, with skills for the good decisions making and diplomacy to interact with the client, which for me is my boss, the axis of which part of a company positioning.

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