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Dubai is an Arab state with great oil wealth that is characterized by large infrastructure investments made and the quality of their services.
It is for this reason that all clinics and hospitals in this country strive to have in their professional staff the best doctors and specialists who receive excellent remuneration.
For a foreign professional in medicine to practice the profession in this country must meet certain requirements, but because it takes many specialists in the nation, there have been special visa programs for Physicians most requested specialties.
Then we will tell you how you can apply for a place in this country work.
In Dubai often hire professionals who can prove their experience, which is why all clinics and hospitals have established the following requirements for hiring foreign professionals:
– Work Visa
– Full command of English at all levels.
– License to practice medicine issued by the Health Department.
– Belonging to a medical specialty that is required in the country.
– Some medical institutions refer to postgraduate professionals.
– Demonstrate experience of at least three years.
– Do not have any history with the law.
Hospitals and Clinics
All Dubai medical centers such as hospitals or clinics, are characterized for having the best and most modern equipment for diagnosis and treatment of all types of diseases.
Among the most famous can be found:
Hospitals and clinics in Dubai are health centers have the latest equipment for the treatment of chronic and degenerative diseases. Some of the most prestigious hospitals and clinics are:
– Al-Zahra Medical Center.
– Advanced Radiological Center.
– Al Montazah Medical Clinic.
– American Hospital Dubai.
– International Private Hospital Al Dowali
As mentioned above, health professionals mostly hired in Dubai are those who belong to medical specialties that are in deficit in this nation. We found that most required are the following specialists
– Plastic Surgeons.
– Cardiologists.
– Oncologists
– Dermatologists
– Ophthalmologists.
– Neurologists
– Neurosurgeons.
Being a very wealthy nation and have a great development, Dubai offers the best wages worldwide. Payments accounting is done by hour of work, so a doctor who works for a hospital in Dubai can gain from € 50 to € 60 per hour, accomplishing with a schedule of eight working hours per day and six days of week. It may be the case that has the ability to work overtime.
Usually all foreign professionals who have work visa receive a one-year contract, which is the same as the duration of the visa.
Once the year is met, each clinic or hospital make the decision to renew or not the professional contract, if the contract is renewed, you will receive a 30% increase on the previous salary.
To find job offers in Dubai you can visit the following website:
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