Phrases to win over on your facebook wall

How to win a girl over ? try with Facebook ! : Facebook has become the most used social network on the internet around the world. Not just because it helps make friends, send messages, and share photos or videos, but also because it is an effective way to win over boys and girls who […]

How to recover the love of your girlfriend

Best tips to recover your girlfriend : Recover or regain are synonymous words which must be in the vocabulary of every man when he has a steady partner, for at some point you might lose her, especially when you have failed to establish real communication channels. Every man must know that is not enough to […]

Tips to give a really good kiss

HOT kissing advice : Sadly for us, there is no school where we can learn how to give a good kiss, if want to do it then we just have to learn it by ourselves, maybe if we watch some romantic movies or even watching other couples kissing each other. For that reason, on this […]

How and when to kiss a woman

Best tips to kiss a beautiful girls : The kiss, just like the cuddles and the hugs, it actually is a way to express the love, attraction or even desires for another person. A single kiss may transmit many emotions at the same time like sweetness, tenderness or passion. Sadly, there is nobody who will […]

When is the international womens day

International  Women’s Day (8 March),a history of International women’s day : Since some years ago, in consequence of many social fights started by the women with an objective called “same rights for everyone”, there was created the celebrations for the day Of the woman. Today, it is possible to see how the women can develop […]

Marrying a Russian woman,Russian girls for marriage

Marrying Russians, their advantages over other women :   Marrying a Russian woman can be a nice and long term experience, they are very educated and polite women, independent wrestlers and beautiful . But we know that there are good woman and also bad women, who are in search of living the “vida loca” and who […]

The life of divorced people,Is there life after divorce

Implications of divorce,life after divorce ,how do you know when your marriage is over ?:   The life of a divorced is usually associated with fun, festivities and free sex, however the consequences of this kind of life usually takes them indoors divorced at home cannot be established as sentimental or emotionally, also becoming a […]

Tips To Seducing Women,Dating Tips

How to Seduce a Woman,tips to help you seduce a woman : Understanding what a woman is looking for in a man is the first secret to seducing a woman. For many men, the concept of how to seduce a woman is simply a mystery. It’s understandable, though. Men and women differ in so many […]