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Implications of divorce,life after divorce ,how do you know when your marriage is over ?:
The life of a divorced is usually associated with fun, festivities and free sex, however the consequences of this kind of life usually takes them indoors divorced at home cannot be established as sentimental or emotionally, also becoming a favorite target of those who believe that a divorced woman is safe and free sex, and that a divorced man seeks no lasting commitment and is always in a “hunter” plan.


It is considered that life is full of fun when divorced is often a life full of failures and disappointments that only knows how much been divorced might affect their relationships.  

When a human being is in the process of formation and growth, the first experience of a pair of which is aware of, are his or her parents’ live, because of this experience will often depend the future behavior and involvement when it comes to mate, then one bad relationship between their parents will take to form a stable relationship or perhaps ever will or replicate the disappointment of her parents and a good relationship between his parents encouraged him to form a relationship quickly replicating the good example he received and developing a normal married life.  
Contemplating divorce, until about 25 years, in our society it was considered as a social disgrace, because the marriage is usually reached after a long courtship and who intended to do so usually responded to a dissipated lifestyle linked to alcohol and bohemia, but in the recent 15 years that has changed too, as young couples do not last more than two years into their relationship, perhaps the fundamental reason for marriage is reached after a limited and too young engagement, which generates the fundamental cause of the divorce: irreconcilable difference of characters.  
When a couple marries too young, they generally have not experienced relationships with others and have failed to enjoy their single status as only a young person can do, which makes a rapid crave, which is undoubtedly going to cause problems with their partner as they grow up together, if this develops their lives in other ways. Youth is synonymous with fun, parties, love affairs and freedom for many and who has not had the opportunity to enjoy them and seeks them married quickly and the desire to have them left home and began divorce proceedings and believe that life begins complete freedom without accountability to anyone.  
But there is another factor that makes the marriage fail and it is the low tolerance allowed the couple to each other independently, and then quoting as a reason for marital discord, difference of characters. Each pair has the erratic belief that he or she, somehow, “owns” his or her couple, and vice versa, so that they are unwilling to allow them freedom if they are granted when they have the opportunity which shows a negative attitude. 
But in either case, the conclusion of a marriage is usually the beginning of a great life for the divorced man or woman, because the first thing a person does after finishing the link he or she might have had with partner is to look for fun, go to parties, make love and do not realize that when those moments of fun passing the sadness and depression will then come to collect the bill, because few of these people actually succeed divorced rebuilding their lives from scratch.  
The parties are the first place a divorced person who seeks to regain lost time are going to be looking at, for there are parties which are great places to find new romantic relationships without final commitment and enable it, if a male, might lead to casual sex without commitment.  
But there is another factor that has appeared in the picture in recent years and which has acquired public notoriety, this is the dispute over the children. Usually, the law states that children must remain with the wife and mother but she uses this condition as a weapon of pressure for economic benefits denying preferably access to the other parent, usually the father, resulting in a legal battle with annoying consequences brought for all of them, and more important, for children and therefore this is a part of the life of divorced people, a very unfortunate and sad part. They are the major affected children that prevent a divorce can rebuild their lives, there are few women are accepted with children and divorced men are often unable to build loving relationships as its new partner will always feel jealous of the old couple, who is forced to attend due to their children.  
In short, the apparent happiness experienced by divorced people by their attendance at parties and social relations, is envied by those men and women living marriages that are involved in trouble and unhappiness.

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